The easy health check-up for expats

Did you know that in order to get insured with a private health care provider in Germany, every potential customer has to undergo a medical exam? Fortunately, with ottonova there is a stress-free way for you, as an expat, to get your health status determined easily and without language barriers.

When it comes to health insurance in Germany there are many rules that have to be followed. After all, health should not be taken lightly. A prerequisite for health insurance in Germany, for example, is a health check-up that every potential customer has to undergo before they can get insured.  

As a private health insurance provider in Germany, ottonova can’t change those rules, but by cooperating with Medicals Direct, we can simplify the process behind the check-up for you and give you the opportunity to do the exam in English. 

Why is the health check-up necessary? 

The reason for the medical exam is to determine the health status of potential customers. This exam helps the health insurance company assess a person’s insurance risk and determine whether the expat rate can be applied to the premium quoted.  

How does this work?

To make this process as convenient as possible for expats, especially with regard to language barriers, we at ottonova provide a special medical exam service: in cooperation with Medicals Direct, we offer a health check-up in English that puts you in control.

You want to know why? Find out in this short video and see exactly how the exam with Medicals Direct works:

Here’s a summary of what you need to know:

  • How does the check-up work?
    To determine your health status, several tests are conducted (e.g. blood pressure measurement or hemogram). The whole check-up is in English.
  • What happens after the check-up?
    The results of your exam are sent to both you and ottonova to decide whether you can be insured with ottonova.

Medicals Direct and ottonova: making your life easier, one check-up at a time.