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Our founders and management, as well as all milestones, key figures, and information on security at a glance.

Our founders and management, as well as all milestones, key figures, and information on security at a glance.

Matthias Ulrike Andrea
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At ottonova, there's nothing more important than our customers. Find out what they think about us here.

At ottonova, there's nothing more important than our customers. Find out what they think about us here.


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Would you like to take part in our revolution of German private health insurance? Join our team!

Would you like to take part in our revolution of German private health insurance? Join our team!

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Digital health insurance

That's how easy private health insurance is today with ottonova.

Receive a subsidy for your active participation for your fitness studio membership, health apps, wearables and other selected services. This is the health X rewards program - exclusively for ottonova policyholders.

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Are you looking for the perfect PKV tariff for you?

Get a free, no-obligation consultation to find the best rate for you and take out a contract directly online. Without a broker.


Many private health insurers offer so-called "cheap tariffs", which are particularly attractive at a young age. They do not cost much and you are still healthy and fit. Such prices are made possible by significantly limited services. It is not clear to everyone what they are getting into with such a tariff. Often, private cheap tariffs do not even come close to the performance level of the statutory health insurance companies. In the event of a claim, the surprise is great when the insurance company indicates high deductibles or maximum reimbursement amounts in the contract. Switching to a better tariff usually requires a new risk assessment and is therefore often not possible.

With ottonova you can choose between four tariffs for full insurance, with each one you choose excellent insurance cover. This includes a percentage deductible and comprehensive coverage in all relevant areas, such as remedies and aids, cure and rehab, preventive care and acute treatment. With all of our ottonova full and supplementary insurances, you have the good feeling that you are well covered all round.

In Germany, you are not allowed to hold two health insurance policies at the same time. Therefore, you will need to cancel your current health insurance once you've signed a policy with ottonova. Your new ottonova health insurance coverage starts as soon as your old policy expires. We can also help you with the cancellation of your old contract.

Here's a quick comparison. The established insurance companies are associated with a lot of legacy policies and cumbersome systems. That makes them slow, complicated, and inflexible. That is also the reason why the topic of health insurance triggers one thing in particular: a headache. ottonova does several things differently. Our modern IT systems make us fast and agile. We are starting with a new pool of policyholders and innovative features.

Our aim: Every time anyone contacts us should be an all-around pleasant experience. This involves ottonova reducing the complexity of the industry to an understandable level. We speak plainly and do not hide behind long, confusing paragraphs. See for yourself.

Do you fancy your health insurance at the moment? No? Just imagine living in a world where your health insurance is as much a part of you as your smartphone. And just as easy to use.

If you're sick, you can get an initial assessment in seconds via chat. If necessary, the concierge will arrange a doctor's appointment, which will appear in your app's timeline. You scan the bill with your cell phone and have your money in your account within two days - prepayment is usually no longer necessary. Or you can simply go to the doctor's appointment digitally via videostream, with ottonova covering the costs. That's unique.

Our comprehensive insurance plans provide you with excellent coverage. The premiums are not surprisingly low, but they remain more stable when you get old. We are the health insurance that makes being insured easy and pleasant for you. Best medical services at the best price.

Every few years, politicians discuss compulsory universal healthcare and thus the abolition of private health insurance.

There are two possible scenarios, should a universal healthcare system actually be introduced. In the first scenario, comprehensive private health insurance would be completely abolished and all existing policyholders would be transferred to the universal healthcare system. Or in the second scenario, which seems to be more likely, new customers would not be able to take out comprehensive private health insurance. Existing customers would be allowed to stay.

Instead of speculating about the likelihood of the two scenarios, we prefer to show you what implications universal healthcare would have for ottonova policyholders.

Scenario 1

If you subscribe to an ottonova policy today, and in 10 years' time all private policyholders are obliged to switch to universal healthcare, the end result would be the same as if you had never been insured with us. Since private health insurance is usually cheaper when you are younger, not only would you have received better coverage during these 10 years; you would also have saved on premiums. ottonova would continue to exist as a company and would focus on the sale of supplementary insurance packages. You could even transfer your accumulated old-age provisions to a supplementary insurance policy.

Scenario 2

If it is only new customers who are not allowed to take out comprehensive private health insurance, this would have no negative impact on you and your insurance cover with ottonova. Your coverage would still be guaranteed. ottonova would continue to exist, and existing policies would not be terminated. In this scenario, there would be no new policyholders. This, however, would not have any negative impact on your premiums. After all, in private health insurance – unlike in public health insurance – everyone provides for themselves. In this case too, ottonova would continue to sell supplementary insurance packages. As a result, we would continue to grow as a company and expand our services for all policyholders.