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Get more for less money.

Your health is the most important thing you have. That's why we've built our plans to give you the best possible coverage in every situation.

Monthly premium approx.

Public insurance*

Standard coverage 124 €
€0 deductible

Study Smart

Fair and good tariff 111 €
€500 deductible

Study Protect

Optimal protection with self deductible 110 €
student Pokal
€0 deductible

Study Free

Optimal protection 127 €


All doctors and appointments through our concierge
Direct to specialist, access to private physicians via ottonova Concierge via ottonova Concierge via ottonova Concierge
Visual aids: e.g. glasses/contact lenses up to €100 every 60 months up to €550 every 36 months up to €550 every 36 months
Alternative practioner up to €2,000 in 36 months up to €2,000 in 36 months


Free doctor's choice (inkl. chief physician)
Accommodation Multi-bed room Double-room Double-room Double-room


Dental treatment 0 - 100 % 100 % 100 % 100 %
Professional Dental Cleanings 1x each insurance year, maximum of €80 per treatment. 1x each insurance year, maximum of €125 per treatment. 1x each insurance year, maximum of €125 per treatment.
Dental implants 10 - 65 % 70 % 80 % 80 %

Other services

Worldwide protection and repatriation
Preventive medical checkups without age limits
Contractually guaranteed benefits
Example case: 18 years old, student without deductible (ottonova tariff Study Free) or with max. €500 deductible per calendar year (ottonova tariff Study Protect) incl. long-term care insurance in comparison with tariff of student health insurance of statutory health insurers with an additional contribution of 1.6 % incl. long-term care insurance. * average additional contribution, without children

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Flexible deductible.

Deductible means that you contribute to your healthcare costs. This lowers your monthly premium. And if everyone pays some of their own costs, it becomes cheaper for everyone.

Tarif Study Protect
€500 /year

You pay a maximum of €500 per year out of your own pocket.

Tarif Study Free & Study Smart
Popular with students

your costs will be covered from the first €.

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The digital health insurance for students

One app, countless possibilities, just one tap away.

We do the work for you.

We do the work for you.

  • Appointment service Our concierge arranges medical appointments for.
  • Health advice Answers all your health and insurance questions.
  • Service abroad fast and reliable everywhere at your side.
Digital doctor's visit

Digital doctor's visit

  • Doctor Video Call Don't want to leave the house? No problem. Our doctors will help you digitally.
  • Save time Receive sick notes and diagnoses directly via app.
  • Second opinion Is the surgery really necessary? We will get you a well-founded second opinion.
Our app - a real multi-talent

Our app - a real multi-talent

  • Keep the overview Find all tariff information in your profile at a glance and change it if necessary.
  • Fast refunds of your invoices Simply upload your invoice via the app and get your money back in a flash.
  • Perfectly organized, without paperwork We sort your documents and events chronologically in your digital patient file.
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FAQs to the student health insurance

Frequently asked questions

Students who receive BAföG are entitled to a subsidy for health insurance, regardless of whether they have private or statutory insurance.

For health insurance, the subsidy amounts to 94 €. 28 € are subsidized for nursing care insurance.
For students over 30, the subsidy is € 168 (health insurance) or € 38 (nursing care insurance).

After graduation, students can be insured in a regular tariff of the private health insurance if they meet the requirements (civil servant, self-employed or income above the annual income limit (2024:66,600€), or switch to the statutory health insurance.

Foreign students coming to Germany can also take out insurance with ottonova if they have a certificate of enrollment from a German university. In some cases, they may even have to choose private health insurance:

  • if they are over 30 years old
  • if they do not have an employment contract as a visiting scientist or doctoral student
  • if they are taking part in a preparatory course

Language students who are not enrolled at a german university cannot, however, take out private health insurance.

  • At the beginning of their studies or when coming to Germany: Students can decide at the beginning of their studies or when they come to Germany to study whether they want to be insured by statutory or private health insurance. This decision then applies to their entire studies. If they choose private health insurance, they need an exemption from compulsory health insurance, which they must apply for within the first three months of their studies.
  • From the age of 25: Students can have family insurance through their parents until the age of 25, provided they do not have their own income above a certain limit. After that, family insurance no longer applies and they must either insure themselves in the student statutory health insurance or switch to private health insurance.
  • From the age of 30: Those who turn 30 as a student fall out of the student health insurance of the statutory health insurance and must take out voluntary statutory health insurance. Then students can decide again whether they want to switch to private health insurance, which is then often the cheaper alternative.

The exemption must be applied for in writing to a statutory health insurance company and cannot be revoked subsequently: If one decides for PKV, one is PKV insured during the entire study and cannot change to GKV.

Deadline for exemption: Until 3 months after the beginning of studies or in case of family insurance in the statutory health insurance, 3 months after the 25th birthday (first entry into compulsory insurance).

Students in Germany have the choice between statutory health insurance (GKV) and private health insurance (PKV).

Yes, in Germany compulsory insurance also applies to students.

If Germany is your home country for at least the next couple of years, travel insurances are not a viable option for obtaining a visa in Germany as they are not compliant with §257 SGB V, §61(6) SGB XI. Unlike ottonova, these insurances also don't contribute to the required long-term nursing care insurance (Pflegepflichtversicherung). Check out our Expat Guide for details or read about one of our customer's experience here.

Definitely! ottonova is a fully licensed German health insurance and fulfills all regulatory requirements, unlike other providers such as Mawista, Cigna or Allianz Worldwide Care.

We are regulated in § 257 SGB V, which is necessary for your visa applications. This also includes the Expat tariff.