Our App: A multi-talent in your pocket.

With ottonova, you will get all our features in one place. Billing via one app, consultation via another, and your X-ray images via yet another one? That’s a yesterday’s problem!


Discover useful tips on staying healthy and getting well.

Upcoming events

See doctor's appointments you have made using ottonova's Concierge service at a glance.

Past events

Keep track of all past pharmacy and doctor's visits.

Telehealth appointments

Telehealth appointments are also listed in your timeline, along with the associated prescriptions and sick notes.


Pending conversations

You can see your active conversations here, along with the name of the Concierge employee you are speaking to.

Finished conversations

When your issue has been resolved, you can mark the conversation as "finished" and rate your interaction.

New conversation

Whether you have a question about a bill, want to start a telehealth appointment, or need a doctor's appointment: everything starts here with a new conversation.


Documents from ottonova

Claims settlements, notes confirming acceptance, contractual documents, and other documents that we send you are marked with the ottonova logo.

Submitted documents

We automatically analyze and process bills, service requests, and other documents that you send to ottonova.

Personal documents

Of course, you can also scan and upload documents for your own use. We will not process them. You will thus have all your health-related documents in one place.

Upload new document

You can submit a new document to ottonova, or scan personal documents to store them in your file.



Under tariff details you can find out exactly which services are included in your selected triff.


Shows your selected deductible, and how much of it you have already paid.

My premium

Get a detailed overview of your costs and cost structure.

Preventive healthcare

Keep track of available preventive checkups and, if needed, arrange appointments directly using the Concierge.

Personal data

Here you can easily modify your personal data, such as your address or phone number.


Convinced by our digital services?

Use our online premium calculator to find the right tariff without obligation.


Yes. You only pay your monthly premium. All of ottonova's digital services are included.

All of your data is stored securely on a server in Germany. Only selected employees at ottonova have access to the data that is relevant to them. We only disclose your data with your consent, for example, when we make an appointment for you. This can be done conveniently via the Concierge service in your app.

ottonova also works without the smartphone app. You may also, of course, communicate with us or submit your bills by mail. Our team would be happy to advise you.

Of course you can! The ottonova app is your key to our digital services. Let us book your appointments for follow-up examinations or inpatient follow-up treatment, keep track of things in your timeline, and submit bills using your smartphone.

You can find out more about our services here.