is climate neutral

We have been a climate-neutral company since April 1, 2022. And we want to stay that way in the future. How we determined our carbon footprint, what climate neutrality means, and why sustainability is more than just environmental protection.

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Sustainability at ottonova


We live digitality: for our customers, employees and a secure future.

Environmentally friendly

Our goal is to continue to keep our emissions very low.


Our international team welcomes all people.

„We see ourselves as digital pioneers in private health insurance. In fact, digitalization and sustainability are the topics of the moment. Having just been certified as a climate-neutral company, sustainability has strategic importance for us; we integrate ESG issues into our strategy-building processes; they are part of ottonova's purpose as an organization. Every innovation and process optimization thus takes on an additional dimension and thus has an internal effect on the corporate culture and an external effect on the way we present ourselves to our stakeholders. With our service-oriented healthcare, we meet our customers digitally, mobile, at eye level, and sustainably.“

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Dr. Roman Rittweger
Founder & CEO of ottonova

Which things in everyday life emit the most CO2?

Food accounts for 16 % of our personal CO2 footprint.

Vegetarians cause about 50 % less CO2.

50 %

of CO2 emissions in everyday life are caused by heating and electricity.

20 %

of the CO2 footprint we induce through traffic and travel.

4.5 tons

of the CO2 footprint we emit through consumption and leisure. That is more than 20 % .

The ottonova ESG team

In order to continue to keep our emissions low and have a local impact, we have set up the ottonova ESG team of committed employees to not only keep the issue of climate and environmental protection present in the company, but also to focus on social issues.

As a team, we are operationally responsible for working with everyone to develop ideas, plan local projects, and thus commit to sustainability.

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What is ESG?

ESG is more than climate protection. It is the voluntary contribution of business to sustainable development that goes beyond legal requirements. E stands for Environment, S for Social and G for Governance.

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The foundation stone for effective climate protection has been laid!

Together with ClimatePartner, we have calculated and offset our carbon footprint, also known as our corporate carbon footprint (CCF), for the financial year 2021.

ottonova is involved in the construction and operation of 14 wind farms in the states of Piauí and Pernambuco in northeastern Brazil. In this way, we have offset our emissions for 2021.

The renewable electricity supplied by the project to the Brazilian grid makes an important contribution to environmental sustainability by reducing the CO2 emissions that would have been generated without the project through electricity generation based on fossil fuel-based electricity generation.

Because energy from wind is generated without fossil fuels, it is considered emission-free. The expansion of renewable energy generation is essential to halt global warming and secure energy supplies in the long term.

Good solutions come from good technology! As we see ourselves as a digital and technology-savvy company, we want to support the supply of sustainably generated, renewable energy. In addition, the project makes important contributions to the socioeconomic and ecological development of one of the poorest regions in Brazil.

What emissions are considered in climate accounting?

Total emissions were divided into three categories (scopes):

Scope 1

includes all emissions generated directly by ottonova itself, e.g. by company-owned facilities or vehicle fleets.

Scope 2

lists emissions generated by purchased energy, e.g. electricity, district heating, etc.

Scope 3

includes indirect emissions, e.g. from employees' commutes or purchased services.

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Did you know that... Europe, everyone produces an average of 8.7 tons of CO2 per year. Our emissions correspond to the carbon footprint of 26 Europeans.

Our actions for more environmental protection

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Ramadama on Earth Day

Earth Day has been held annually on April 22 since the 1970s. A day for local environmental projects. We collected litter together on the banks of the Isar River in Munich. Especially plastic packaging, crown caps and cigarette butts filled our 15 garbage bags.

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Together we walked 6,433 km in the RUNuar and planted 1,287 trees. In doing so, we neutralized 28,314 kg of CO2. That is as much as 75 cars emit per year.

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Company Bike

ottonova offers all its employees the opportunity to get the bike of their choice at attractive conditions. No matter whether eBike, racing bike or mountain bike. With a brand new bike, you'll be happy to leave your car at home more often.