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Your private health insurance made

Have you ever wondered why health insurance is so complicated? We have, too! ottonova is the first health insurance company that makes your life easier.

  • Excellent coverage Tariffs that have awarded as outstanding

  • Maximum time savings Fully digital services

  • High saving potential Low premiums

  • Stable premiums Future-proof calculation

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Excellent coverage. Just for you.

Your health is the most important thing you will ever have. That is why we have structured our plans to provide you the best possible coverage for any situation.

Private health insurance

for employees and the self-employed

Protect your health comprehensively at the highest level and adapt the plan to your needs with our add-ons.

Insurance to supplement "Beihilfe"

for civil servants and persons who are eligible for benefits called "Beihilfe"

Choose from four add-ons to close the gaps in your "Beihilfe" benefits and to adapt it to your needs. Reimbursement within two business days!

Top-up health insurance

to supplement public health insurance

Close the gaps in your public health insurance with our supplementary dental insurance or supplementary hospital insurance.

Ground-breaking service.
Always just one click away.

ottonova is there for you, wherever you are. You can easily access all of ottonova's features and services from your smartphone.

Concierge team
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Concierge team

We do the legwork for you.

ottonova is health insurance that does the legwork for you. We can arrange doctor's appointments for you, find you the right specialist, and answer any questions you may have about health and health insurance.

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Telemedicine appointments
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Telemedicine appointments

Don't drag yourself to the doctor's office for a simple cold.

Our app offers telehealth appointments, so you can get diagnoses, prescriptions, or sick leave quickly and easily.

Of course, you can still go see the doctor of your choice in person if you want.

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No paperwork
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No paperwork

Perfectly organized, with zero red tape.

Your everyday life is already fully digitalized. Yet you still have a file folder for your health insurance? We sort all your documents and events chronologically in your digital patient record in the ottonova app.

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Fast reimbursement
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Fast reimbursement

We reimburse bills in no time.

Get your money back within 48 hours?* This is a pipe dream with other insurers. ottonova makes this dream a reality! Simply upload your bill via the app and receive the money for your claim long before you are due to pay your doctor.

* Monday to Friday for bills up to €500.

Find the right plan

Affordable today and tomorrow, too.

Because reliability is just as important to us as it is to you, we have set up our plans so that your premium remains affordable as you get older.

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Built-in old-age provision

An average of 50% of your premiums are set aside for when you get older. This is more than with any other health insurance fund. (With our time-limited Expat tariff you don’t build old-age provision.)

Future-proof calculation

We have developed all of our plans to ensure maximum premium stability, as they realistically reflect the current low interest rate environment. Unique on the market.

Streamlined processes

State-of-the-art technology and optimized processes ensure lower administrative costs and allow us to continuously work on the future of ottonova.

Smart premium relief

Lower your premiums in old age by simply putting aside a little more today. You can do that with our add-ons for premium relief, which you can select during your online application process.

Is it worthwhile to switch to ottonova? Find out now.
savings calculator

Is it worthwhile to switch to ottonova? Find out now.

How does ottonova compare to public health insurance? Does it make sense for me to take out insurance from ottonova, even though I have a family and children? Find out now! Objective, transparent, and customized.

65.577 €

Average potential savings

To savings calculator
Is it worthwhile to switch to ottonova? Find out now.

Personalized advice that really is helpful.

We do everything we can to help you make an informed and conscious decision that you will benefit from for a lifetime.

ottonova insurance expert
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ottonova insurance expert
Get a personal consultation in English! What you can expect from us:
  • Fair and objective
  • We help you compare with other options
  • Get answers to all your questions

Happily insured


ottonova offers comprehensive private health insurance for employees and the self-employed, as well as supplementary insurance for persons eligible for benefits called "Beihilfe". We also offer supplementary insurance for anyone who prefers or is obliged to stay insured by public health insurance. Use our non-binding premium calculator now to find out which plan suits you best. You can also send us a message and we will be happy to advise you personally.

In Germany, you are not allowed to hold two health insurance policies at the same time. Therefore, you will need to cancel your current health insurance once you've signed a policy with ottonova. Your new ottonova health insurance coverage starts as soon as your old policy expires. We can also help you with the cancellation of your old contract.

ottonova was founded in 2015 by Dr. Roman Rittweger (physician & MBA holder), Sebastian Scheerer (designer), and Frank Birzle (computer scientist). Even though they all come from different backgrounds, they share a common vision: To create health insurance that sets new standards.

It's not something that can just be done by old-school insurance salespeople. That is why ottonova employs not only insurance experts and mathematicians, but also programmers, physicians, and designers. It is precisely this exceptional team that creates the fertile ground for our innovative strength. Together, we pursue our vision and come up with fresh, exciting ideas. It really is a blast!

Yet despite all our enthusiasm, we never lose the ground underneath our feet. Our insurance is rock solid. This is guaranteed by our employees' long-standing experience. They are all experts in their respective fields, including in the field of insurance.

We are a young company and we know our craft. See for yourself and calculate your premium without obligation.

Do you really like your current health insurance? No? Precisely. Imagine a world where your health insurance is as natural to you as your smartphone, and just as easy to use.

If you are sick, you can get a first opinion in seconds via chat. If necessary, the Concierge will arrange a doctor's appointment for you and the appointment will show up in your app's timeline. Just scan the bill using your cell phone. Your money will be in your account within two days. Advance payment is usually no longer required. You can also simply see a doctor over video chat and ottonova will cover the costs. No one else does this.

Our comprehensive insurance plans provide you with excellent coverage. Your premiums aren't surprisingly low, so they will stay stable as you grow old. Here at ottonova, we are the health insurance provider that makes things easy and convenient for you. We provide the best medical services at the best price.

We keep it simple and only offer a few plans. You can easily find out online which option is right for you. Enter your details into our online assistant to get an honest recommendation. (That option exists so far only in German.) But of course, you can also get personal advise from our english-speaking experts.

Nobody can answer this question reliably. However, we have laid sound foundations for a high level of premium stability, for example, with the way we calculate your premiums. Save money with ottonova: Find out how we do it here.

Medical inflation has been driving patient treatment costs up for decades. This problem exists in almost all healthcare systems. You have already made a good decision by choosing to opt for private health insurance. This is because it will guarantee your coverage right from the start. We strongly believe in preventative measures! Public health insurance can simply cancel coverage in order to keep premium increases down.

If we look back, private health insurance premiums have risen by 2.8% on average over the past 10 years. That number is slightly less than that of public health insurance premiums, which have risen by 3.3% on average. If you'd like to find out more about that topic, check out our magazine.

Switching to ottonova is very easy and can be done entirely online. But don't worry; you can't subscribe unintentionally with one accidental click. You also have the right to revoke your policy within 14 days.

  1. Online assistant: Use our online assistant. The assistant will help you to choose the right plan with the add-ons that work for you.
  2. Account: Create an account to get a personalized quote.
  3. Information: Enter some personal information and answer questions about your health. This will take 10 minutes at most.
  4. Confirmation: Check and confirm your details in the overview.
  5. Verification: Our application team will contact you if they have any questions about your health information.
  6. Quote: Receive and confirm our final quote.
  7. Account details: Enter your account details and download some documents.
  8. Request PIN: Request a one-time PIN and subscribe to your selected plan with one click.

Who should be considering private health insurance?

ottonova offers plans that suit you to a T. See for yourself.

Your health deserves more than the status quo, doesn't it?

Let us advise you free of charge and without obligation to find the best tariff for you and conclude directly online. Without a broker.