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  • Private or double bed room

  • Treatment by Chief Physician

  • Free choice of hospital

  • Pause contributions to old age reserves

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Of course you can! The ottonova app is your key to our digital services. Let us book your appointments for follow-up examinations or inpatient follow-up treatment, keep track of things in your timeline, and submit bills using your smartphone.

You can find out more about our services here.

Yes, both the ottonova Clinic 2-bed tariff and the ottonova Clinic 2-bed Flex tariff provide exactly the same benefits, such as 2-bed room accommodation when staying in hospital and treatment by the Chief Physician. The only difference is the initial lower price. The premiums of both tariffs have been calculated differently. You can find out more in the “Why is the ottonova Clinic 2-bed Flex tariff cheaper?“ section.

The ottonova Clinic 2-bed tariff includes contributions to old age reserves, whereas the ottonova Clinic 2-bed Flex does not. As it is likely you will not need to claim as many benefits when you are younger as you would when you get older, it is sensible to save less money for old age early on. This is achieved through old age reserves. Contributing to your old age reserves allows us to guarantee you steady premiums as far as possible, even as you get older.

At a younger age, such as when you are still in education, your monthly income is not yet that high, so we have developed the Flex option, where no contributions to your old age reserves are made which makes the premiums lower. You will then be switched to the Clinic 2-bed or the Clinic 1-bed tariff no later than your 40th birthday and will begin to build up your old age reserves.

The ottonova Clinic 2-bed and ottonova Clinic 1-bed tariffs contribute to your old age reserves which allows your premiums to be as steady as possible over the entire term of the contract.

As steady as possible means that we won’t change your premiums as a result of your age, but only in the event of changes to medical costs. If providing accommodation in 1-bed rooms becomes more expensive, for example, we must then take this into account when calculating premiums and adjust them if necessary.

On the other hand, the Flex option for younger adults is calculated without contributing to your old age reserves. This means that your premiums can change as you get older. Feel free to get advice from our experts.

As you are not making any contributions to your old age reserves with the Flex option, you are only paying the monthly premium for an average person of your age for the benefits in your tariff. This can be very expensive in old age, up to a premium of 200 euro per month, so we like you to contribute to your old age reserves no later than the end of your 39th year to avoid this situation. Especially as your pension will often be less than your income when you were working.

If you’ve chosen the Flex option and haven't contacted us by your 39th birthday, we will automatically convert your tariff into the ottonova Clinic 2-bed tariff, i.e., with contributions to your old age reserves. You do not have to do anything yourself. You will then have a new premium from this point which cannot be changed on the grounds of your age.

You may also choose to switch from the Flex option to the ottonova Clinic 2-bed tariff earlier, or even to the ottonova Clinic 1-bed tariff.

You may choose to switch to the ottonova Clinic 2-bed or 1-bed tariff before you turn 38.

If you decide to switch to the Clinic 1-bed tariff you can use the 1-bed room and also use the Home Assistance services for longer hospital stays.

If the Clinic 2-bed tariff is sufficient for you, the benefits remain the same as the Clinic 2-bed Flex tariff but you start contributing to your old age reserves sooner. This means you will get a permanently lower premium amount than you would have done if you had changed on your 40th birthday.

If your statutory health insurance recognizes the general hospitalization benefits (including medical treatment, meals, providing medicine and medical aids and staying in multi-bed rooms) you don’t need to worry about it at all. We will pay the covered benefits in all cases.

If your statutory health insurance does not compensate you for the general hospitalization benefits it's best to contact us before your hospital stay and ask if we will include the benefits as part of your supplementary hospitalization insurance. The best way to do this is to get in touch with our Concierge team via chat or telephone.

Many hospitalizations are the result of an emergency or an accident. In these cases, you do not, of course, need to contact us before you go into hospital. Even if your statutory health insurance (SHI) recognizes general hospitalization benefits you don't need to worry about it in advance. If you have reservations whether your statutory health insurance will recognize the general hospitalization benefits you should definitely contact us. We will then let you know whether we will include the benefits for your treatment.

This is the case if the treatment is medically necessary and cannot be carried out as an outpatient. If your SHI does not cover the general hospitalization benefits this confirmation can no longer be obtained after treatment. Therefore, if you have doubts you should definitely contact us before your stay in hospital.

Supplementary hospitalization insurance is a top-up insurances for those insured by the public health insurance system. Patients with public heath insurance can supplement their hospital services and be treated like a private health insurance patient in hospital. For families, supplementary hospitalization insurance allows parents to stay with their children during inpatient treatment.

In order to have private supplementary insurance you need have statutory health insurance. The same applies when you are abroad.

Should you still have German statutory health insurance despite transfer of your permanent habitual residence abroad, your insurance cover will also continue through your private supplementary insurance.

ottonova will reimburse your benefits for treatment abroad that we would have also had to pay out for in Germany.

Supplementary hospitalization insurance premiums may be deducted in your tax return as expenses of a provident nature. These can be entered in the “Vorsorgeaufwand” form.

The cost of supplementary hospitalization insurance depends on two factors. The age of the person insured plays a large role. Older people must expect higher costs as there is a high probability they will incur medical expenses due to illness. In addition, the co-insured benefits also play an important role in the cost. The more benefits supplementary hospitalization insurance covers, the higher the premium.