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  • Affordable even in old age Stable premiums thanks to future-proof calculation

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Experts' recommendation
Business Class Pro
€0 Deductible
  • Contribution refund
  • Accommodation in double room
  • Dental prostheses: 80% - 90%
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Top performance
First Class Pro+
€0 Deductible
  • Contribution refund
  • 9 months premium-free while on parental leave
  • Accommodation in single room
  • Dental prostheses: 90% - 100%
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Premium Economy
€500 Deductible
  • Accommodation in double room
  • Specialist via ottonova concierge
  • Dental prostheses: 60% - 80%
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Cost and coverage of private health insurance for self-employed

More performance for less money.
Save up to €3,000 per year

Be your own boss not only at work but also in your private life. With ottonova, self-employed and freelancers have the best decisions for their health and finances in their own hands.

You selected the following tariffs:
Monthly contribution for a 32 years old self-employed approx.
Basic insurance
€500 SB
Good coverage
with lowest premium
€500 Deductible
€500 €1,250 SB
Good price-performance ratio
€615 €615
€500 €1,250 Deductible
Experts' recommendation
€0 SB
Class Pro
Great performance without deductible
€676 €676
€0 Deductible
€500 €1,250 SB
€654 €654
€500 €1,250 Deductible
Top performance
€0 SB
Class Pro+
Outstanding coverage without deductible
€730 €730
€0 Deductible
€615 €615
Class Pro
€654 €654
Class Pro+


Adjust your deductible according to your individual needs.

max €500 per year

max €500 per year

max €1,250 per year

max €500 per year

max €1,250 per year

Contribution refund

Contribution refund

none none none up to 1 annual average monthly premium none up to 1 annual average monthly premium

Outpatient services

Appointment booking through our Concierge
Directly to the specialist, access to private doctors via ottonova concierge
Corrective lenses, e.g. glasses/contact lenses up to €150 up to €300 up to €300 up to €500 up to €500
Elective Vision Correction Surgery (for example, LASIK) up to €1,000 up to €2,000 up to €2,000 up to €3,000 up to €5,000
Alternative practitioners up to €500 up to €1,000 up to €1,000 up to €1,500 up to €2,000

Inpatient services

Free choice of doctor (including head of department)
Accommodation Multi-bed room Double room Double room Double room Private or double room Private room
Assumption of costs for treatment in private clinics

Dental services

Dental treatments 0 - 100 % 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Dental prostheses 10 - 65 % 60% 80% 80% 90% 90%
Professional dental cleaning small subsidy possible 100%
1x per insurance year, max. €125 per treatment
2x per insurance year, max. €125 per treatment
2x per insurance year, max. €125 per treatment
2x per insurance year, max. €125 per treatment
unlimited reimbursement

Other services

Bonus for preventive health care eventual
Worldwide coverage and repatriation
Preventive medical checkups without age limits
Coverage guaranteed for a lifetime
This list does not represent a conclusive comparison between the scope of the public health insurance coverage and the scope of coverage of the ottonova tariffs. The coverage details described are an excerpt from the tariff benefits and highlight differences. For comprehensive advice, please contact our experts.
Please find a summary of the coverage details of the ottonova tariffs here. And for full descriptions of the ottonova tariffs click here.
The terms and conditions of the individual insurance contract shall prevail and apply. The English translation is a non-binding version for your information only and has no legally binding character. The contract language will be German only.

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Easily adapt your private health insurance tariff to your needs.

Personalize your ottonova tariff with our additional modules and get more out of your private health insurance.

Premium relief in old age

We have an answer to your most important question: Of course, we offer premium relief in old age. Guaranteed. You can think of it as a large savings pot in which you put aside capital as a buffer for old age.

More information about premium relief

Daily sickness benefits

As a self-employed person or freelancer, you know this worry: when you are sick, your income drops to zero. That's why it's a good idea to take out daily sickness benefits insurance with ottonova. We will step in and compensate you for the loss of income in the event of prolonged illness.

More information to daily sickness benefits

No-claim bonus

The First Class Pro+ and Business Class Pro tariffs include a no-claim bonus. You will receive this if you have not claimed any benefits other than professional dental cleanings, preventive check-ups (in accordance with statutory programs) and vaccinations (except vaccinations abroad) for one year.

More information about no-claim bonus

Flexible deductible for lower premiums

Deductible or excess means that you contribute a small percentage to your health care costs. This reduces your monthly premium, and you automatically pay less.

The good thing about ottonova: Your maximum deductible in private health insurance for employees applies to the entire year and not to each invoice. And dental care as well als preventive check-ups are excluded. This means that once the maximum yearly amount has been reached, you will no longer incur any deductible costs and you will be reimbursed 100% for all further invoices until the end of the year.

Option A

no deductible
(Only available in the Business Class Pro and First Class Pro+ tariffs)

Option B
Popular with self-employed

of each bill you pay maximum 500 € per year

Option C

from each invoice you pay maximum 1.250 € per year (Not available in the Premium Economy fare)

Option D

from each invoice you pay maximum 1..000 € per year (Only available in the Premium Economy fare)

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Private health insurance for employees with maximum security

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Guide to health insurance for the self-employed

Health insurance isn't a pair of sneakers. We'll help you make your decision.

We'll help you make your decision.

First piece of information for you.

What are the advantages of private health insurance for self-employed, founders & freelancers?

  • Individually selectable private health insurance tariff:

You can choose the one that suits you best from a variety of tariffs. If you are relatively healthy and would like to optimize your expenses as a young entrepreneur, you can opt for a cost-effective private insurance tariff with ottonova. Later, when you have successfully built up your business, you can switch to a tariff focused on more extensive care.

  • More comprehensive benefits:

If you want to always be fully covered, you can choose a tariff with the most extensive benefits.

For example, with ottonova you can get a private room at the hospital or complete coverage of your new dentures.

Some benefits, such as age-independent preventive examinations and health cover abroad are included in all tariffs, in contrast to the public health insurance. In addition, you can set up a daily sickness allowance as a compensation for your lost earnings during long-term illness.

  • Faster to the doctor:

Private patients often get specialist appointments faster. What many insurers know from experience is also confirmed by social field studies: It takes around 25 days for a publicly insured person to get a specialist appointment, while privately insured patients wait only 12 days on average.

  • More doctors to choose from:

Some medical practices only take privately insured patients and self-payers. As a member of private health insurance, you can also be treated there without any problems and be reimbursed. This can be important if you are looking for a doctor with a specific approach.

Why does private health insurance for the self-employed, freelancers & new business founders make sense?

Your private health insurance premium is based on your age and state of health, not on your income. Private health insurance is as flexible as you are: you get to choose the insurance cover that suits you best. Your health is reliably protected through fast access to specialists and modern treatment methods.

As an entrepreneur, with private health insurance you can collect provisions for the future with aging reserves and options to further reduce premiums in old age.

Your digital lifestyle is covered everywhere – depending on the tariff there is worldwide protection and care for your health.

How do founders & freelancers find the right private health insurance?

The costs and benefits of individual insurance companies can vary greatly. An in-depth comparison is worthwhile to find the best offer!

Which factors you should check:

  1. Coverage: Think about which benefits matter the most to you. Maybe a shared room in a hospital is enough for you, but you want to cover your teeth with 100 % reimbursement for dental replacements? Set priorities and think about what they are worth to you.
  2. Deductible: Would you rather have less co-pay or more? A high deductible often goes with favorable rates. Calculate whether you are likely to spend below your annual deductible cap and whether it really brings a saving. At ottonova, there is only a percentage deductible: You pay 10 or 25 percent of your medical bills yourself, until you reach a limit of 500 or 1,250 euros per year. This way, you benefit from the reimbursements right from the start and you won't be tempted to skip annual preventive examinations to save money.
  3. Costs: It is important to consider not only the current costs of your private health insurance, but also the contribution development over time. After all, you want your costs to still be in line when you go into well-earned retirement. At ottonova, we calculate our premiums using a particularly future-proof actuarial interest rate.

How to calculate the cost of health insurance for a self-employed person?

Self-employed people and freelancers must pay the entire health insurance contribution, regardless of whether they are publicly or privately insured, since they do not have an employer who pays an employer subsidy for health insurance.

If you join private health insurance as a business founder or a self-employed person, your contribution depends on your age, your pre-existing conditions and your health condition, as well as your preferred tariff. With ottonova, for example, the monthly contribution is around 552 to 654 euros for a person at the age of 32.

  • Adjustable contribution independent of income
  • Family members co-insured at their own premiums
  • Change to public health insurance only with employment

Your contribution in private health insurance depends on:

  • age
  • health history
  • coverage

You can adjust your contribution with a deductible or a daily sickness allowance. As a young entrepreneur or tradesman with a good income, you often pay less than in the public health insurance.

Contribution for public health insurance

  • Contribution depends on income
  • Family members insured free of charge
  • Change to private health insurance possible at any time

Your contribution for self-employed persons in public health insurance depends on this:

  • Reduced contribution rate: 14% (without sick pay), general contribution rate: 14.6% (with sick pay)
  • Additional contribution for individual health insurances: on average 1,70% (varies depending on the health insurance company)
  • Nursing care insurance: 4.0% (without children), 3.4% (with children)

Important: The calculation basis for your public health insurance rate is your income tax assessment or a profit estimate if you are just starting out. If you earn more than expected, you will have to pay extra.

The only possibility to influence your public health insurance premium is the “additional contribution” which is individual for each public health insurance fund.

Who is considered self-employed?

Self-employed are those who work freely and without a dependent employment relationship. A private health insurance for entrepreneurs or tradespeople is part of being independent too. The forms of self-employment are further differentiated: Freelancer or tradesperson? It depends:


Freelancer is a term for different professions.

It can mean that you work for a company without a fixed employment contract or that you have a freelance profession like writing, artistic or scientific work, or teaching. §18 of the Income Tax Act provides a catalog of activities: Among others, engineers, tax advisors, consultants, physicians, or lawyers are freelancers and do not pay trade tax.


If you do not carry out a "catalog profession”, you are a trader and pay trade tax. In your

tax return, you can deduct your private health insurance for the self-employed.

Exception: artists and publicists

If you are working as a freelancer in an artistic or journalistic capacity, your

obligation to be in the public health insurance continues as it would in an employment relationship.

In this case, the Künstlersozialkasse (artists’ social fund) pays the employer's share of your public health insurance premium. You can only join private health insurance if your income is above the annual income limit (€ 69,300 ).

3 reasons why self-employed people insured at ottonova are in the best hands

  • Full control

With private health insurance, you can choose between different tariffs and components such as daily sickness allowance or deductible options, and adapt your monthly cost according to your needs. This way, you decide exactly what you need and have full control at all times

  • Digital services take the work off your hands

As a self-employed person, you have enough to do with your own business. The Concierge from ottonova takes the load off you - it's completely paperless and easy to use in the ottonova app. Need a doctor's appointment or a quick medical opinion? The Concierge team will take care of that and many other things concerning your health. Your ottonova app always shows an overview of your preventive checkups, appointments, and invoices. Plus, your bills are reimbursed as fast as lightning.

  • All-round protection for your health

In contrast to public health insurance, as a privately insured person you receive the best benefits without having to worry about possible restrictions - even for your dental care and during hospital stays. So, you are quickly able to run your business again.

How do self-employed & founders switch to private health insurance?

Many self-employed opt for private health insurance to benefit from the extensive benefits of private health insurance. However, choosing the right policy needs to be well thought out! Take your time to compare the different tariffs.

If you want to change to private health insurance, you must submit an application. It is best to take care of this before you become self-employed to ensure seamless insurance coverage.

When you are having a status change, e.g. starting a full-time self-employment, the notice period for your public health insurance is 2 months. So if you cancel on October 1st, you can take our private health insurance the month after next, i.e. January 1st.

Public or private health insurance for the self-employed? 5 tips for your decision.

1. Private health insurance protects

When you are your own boss, you have to compensate earnings lost due to illness out of your own resources. With private health insurance, you can determine the beginning and the amount of your daily sickness allowance yourself. In contrast, the public health insurance sets upper limits for sick pay.

2. Take care of your future with private health insurance

You have your future in your hands. Why don't you choose a future-proof health insurance?

Public health insurance contributions will increase due to demographic change. With private health insurance, you can save for your old age - for example, with the premium relief component.

The money you save compared to public health insurance can be invested on the financial market.

3. Deduct private health insurance from your taxes

Private health insurance for entrepreneurs is tax-deductible, so make sure to include it in your tax return every year. As a self-employed person, you must take care of your contributions to the private health insurance for tax purposes. You can also deduct the basic coverage of your family from your tax return.

4. With private health insurance you set priorities

You don't want to risk an illness slowing down your drive?

The best health services are offered by private health insurance: high-quality dental treatments and more. In contrast to public health insurance, you don't have to fear any reduction in benefits.

5. Private health insurance fits your life plan

If your business is growing moderately and you want to have a big family, public health insurance may be the better choice. If, on the other hand, you want to start early and later only have a small family with a maximum of 3 children, private health insurance is ideal for you. It also protects you if you are independent of location and want to go abroad often. Your insurance cover with ottonova is valid throughout Europe without time limits and even worldwide for six months at a time.

No matter where you are, ottonova Concierge is always there for you, and if necessary, you can use the digital doctor's visit at any time.

Still unsure? Let's make a call!

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Highlights of our digital private health insurance for self-employed

One app, endless possibilities, just a tap away.

We'll do the work for you.

We'll do the work for you.

  • Appointment service Our Concierge service arranges your medical appointments.
  • Health advice Answers all your health and medical insurance questions
  • Service abroad Fast, reliable & digital at your side for help.
Digital doctor’s visit

Digital doctor’s visit

  • Doctor on Video Call You don't want to leave the house? No problem. Our doctors will help you digitally.
  • Save time Receive diagnoses, sick notes and prescriptions via telemedical consultation.
  • Second opinion Is the surgery really necessary? We will get you an informed second opinion.
Our app - a real multi-talent

Our app - a real multi-talent

  • Keep track Find all the tariff information in your profile at a glance and change it if necessary.
  • Fast refunds of your invoices Upload your invoice via app - receive money back within a few days.
  • Perfectly organized, without paperwork We sort your documents and events chronologically in your app.

Personalized advice that really helps you.

We give our all to help you make an informed conscious decision that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Because it's important to us that you feel well advised.

  • Objective and fair advice
    We want you to choose us out of conviction.
  • Expert insurance market comparison
    We help you understand differences in insurance

What can we advise you on?

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  • We are looking forward to meeting you!

Thank you for your interest in ottonova, !

In Germany, the private health insurance income threshold for employees working in Germany is set by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS).

Unfortunately, we're not able to offer you private full-comprehensive health insurance, due to the information provided.

If you live in Germany and work remotely for a foreign employer, please contact us.

If you are insured in the public system in Germany, we can offer you our excellent top-up dental insurance - to cover the gaps in your public health insurance.

Thank you for your interest in ottonova, !

Unfortunately, we can not offer a student rate for your age group. Please contact us via chat for more information.

Do you have questions about supplementary insurance?

Just give us a call on +89 121 896 08 and we'll help you directly.

Or start the online signup right away. The process can still only be completed in german, but for support just contact us.

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Frequently asked questions

Under the private health insurance system, every family member needs their own individual policy, and the cost (premium) is calculated based on each person's health and age when they enroll. Because of this, children's premiums are typically quite affordable. To insure your children in private health insurance can have a lot of advantages. Read more in our article about private health insurance for families!

If you are young, self-employed and are likely to pay the maximum premium for public health insurance, if you value high-quality benefits for your health and if you want to make yourself independent of demographic change and make individual provisions for later.

If at some point you decide to change your self-employment back to employment, your income will count: If you are above the annual income threshold, you can remain in the private health insurance. If your salary is below this limit, you are subject to compulsory insurance and can return to the public health insurance, provided you are not yet 55 years old. But as an self-employed person you can of course stay with us. With a qualifying period, you secure your right to return to us without a new health check. We will also continue to pay interest on your aging provisions. If you wish, we can then extend your public health insurance coverage with sensible top-up dental- and hospital care supplementary insurance tariffs.

Public health insurance: 

  • Your premium depends on your (estimated) income, there are minimum and maximum limits.  
  • The general cost for health insurance is 14.6% of your gross income per month. You also need to may your nursing care insurance (general rate is 4% of gross income). 
  • Your premium can also be influenced by the “additional contribution”  (Zusatzbeitrag) which is individual for each public health insurance fund (average around 1,2% of your gross income). 
  • If you do not have any children, oyu pay an additional premium for childless people (around 0,6% of your gross income). There may be additional payments at the end of the year.

Private health insurance: 

  • Your premium depends on your state of health and age at the moment that you start the contract and your desired benefits. 
  • As the contract goes on, your age and health have no further effect on the development of your premium, it is held stable from any individual influences. 
  • Your monthly premium can be tailored with components such as deductibles. There are no additional payments at the end of the year.

A higher deductible leads to a lower monthly premium. This reduces your monthly fixed costs - since you don't receive an employer's contribution like an employee does. With ottonova, all dental care as well as the preventive yearly health check-up are deductible free, always. For other claims, you can choose a 50% deductible in the tariff Premium Economy or 25% deductible in Business and First Class. 

That means, that you will be getting either 50% or 75% of the claim back right away from the first claim. Do not worry, as you will not have to co-pay your 50% or 25% for non-dental care indefinitely. 

Your deductible has a yearly cap, which limits your maximum out-of-pocket spending per year. If your co-paid 50% reach 1000€ or 25% reach 1250€ in a year, that is the maximum and you will not have any deductible at all till the rest of the year. 

Want an Example? 

If you choose Premium Economy with 50% deductible and then you go for a dental filling that costs 100€, you will get the 100€ reimbursed back to you right away. Same for the health check with your primary doctor (Hausarzt). 

If you then go for a dermatology appointment which costs 100€ and send the claim, you will get 50€ reimbursed from us and when you pay the doctor the full sum, you will spend 50% (50€ in this case) out-of-pocket. 

Then out of your maximum 1000€per year, 950€ will remain. The nice part is that if you have a really large cost, e.g. 5000€ for something non-dental, then even though 50% of 5000€ would be 2500€, anyway your out-of-pocket spending is capped at 1000€. In a normal year, most people do not even reach the cap and have a few hundreds out-of-pocket at most.

Perhaps you are one of those self-employed people who can work regardless of location and dream of going abroad for a while. Your insurance cover is valid throughout EEA without any time limit – and in our long-term tariffs even worldwide for six months at a time. So, you can visit doctors abroad and explore the world without worrying. You can also ask the Concierge team about using a doctor's video call for basic issues like a cold.

This depends on the situation. If you are employed and your annual earnings are below the income threshold, you must take out public insurance. If your income is above this limit, you can decide to take out private insurance - your advantage is: as a privately insured person, you still receive employer’s contribution. If you then switch completely to your own business at some point, you no longer must change your health insurance. This way, you can be sure of a lower age-based private insurance premium today.

If you become a mother as a self-employed person, you can receive daily sickness benefits (allowance) from ottonova during the maternity protection period, as long as you have set it up at least nine months before this becomes relevant. If you are insured with us for  three full months before the baby is born, we can insure your child without a health check. In the first few months of the child's life, ottonova does not charge the children's premium.   In the Tariff First Class Pro+, you can go up to nine months wihtout having to pay ottonova your monthly premium, if you are receiving the parental allowance from the government (Elterngeld), it is a good idea to check if you are eligible for that.

If at some point you decide to change your self-employment back to employment, your income will count: If you are above the compulsory insurance limit, you can remain in the private health insurance. If your salary is below this limit, you are subject to compulsory insurance and can return to the public health insurance, provided you are not yet 55 years old. But as an self-employed person you can of course stay with us. With a qualifying period, you secure your right to return to us without a new health check. We will also continue to pay interest on your aging provisions. If you wish, we can then extend your public health insurance coverage with sensible top-up dental- and hospital care supplementary insurance tariffs.

These supplementary top-up insurances then make sense:

Supplementary hospital insurance

Supplementary dental insurance

Every individual covered under the First Class Pro+ and Business Class Pro tariffs for self-employed individuals is eligible for a guaranteed no-claim bonus.

To qualify for the no-claim bonus, no claims must have been filed in the previous calendar year. However, we understand the importance of maintaining good health, so essential preventive check-ups are still encouraged. Consequently, you can still benefit from the following services while also receiving the no-claim bonus:

  • Professional dental cleanings according to GoÄ
  • Benefits for preventive check-ups according to statutory programs
  • Vaccinations (excluding travel vaccinations)

The premium refund will be disbursed in the latter half of the subsequent year if insurance coverage have been maintained without interruption throughout the entire calendar year.

The amount of the guaranteed no-claim bonus is determined by taking the total premiums paid (excluding statutory surcharges) for the preceding calendar year and dividing it by 12.

If you have any inquiries regarding whether an invoice impacts the no-claim bonus, the ottonova concierge is available to assist you. Further details can also be found in our ottonova magazine.