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Moving abroad can be challenging. Let us make it easy for you: Get to know the German healthcare system and find out how you can make the most of your time as an expat in Germany.

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New to Germany and trying to find out how health insurance works? Having questions? Here are the answers.

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Maternity benefits

Maternity benefits & private insurance: Who is entitled?

What about maternity benefits for patients with private insurance? How much is the maternity benefit and how long is it paid? We have all the answers to the most important questions about maternity benefits and private health insurance for you.

Maternity protection period

Maternity protection period

From when does the statutory maternity protection period apply? How many weeks after the birth does it last? And who is entitled to maternity pay during this period? We have all the information for pregnant women who want to get their start in life with a child sorted out in good time.

Tax return private health insurance

Is private health insurance tax deductible?

If you've recently switched to private health insurance or plan to, you may be wondering whether you can deduct the costs from your taxes. We explain how you can declare the private health insurance in your tax return so that you also save money.

old age premiums

Private health insurance premiums in old age

There is still the prejudice that the contributions to private health insurance are unaffordable in old age. But that is not true at all. How health insurance contributions can look in retirement.

Deduct medical expenses from your taxes

Deduct medical expenses from your taxes: This is how it works

Medical expenses can be expensive. What you can deduct from your taxes and where you can claim medical expenses on your tax return

Ceramic fillings for teeth

Ceramic fillings for teeth

Caries is a widespread disease: according to a study by the University of Greifswald, about 99 percent of adults in Germany have decayed and/or filled teeth. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the well-known ceramic fillings that are often used for cavities?

Digital innovations

These innovations push your health

More and more diseases can be treated today. Still, nothing beats prevention. These innovations help you live healthier.

Detect diseases via app

Detecting diseases via app: How does it work?

We have summarized here which apps can detect diseases and what the advantages and disadvantages of "Dr. Smartphone" are.

Private health insurance & pharmaceuticals: Strong team for innovation

Door opener: private health insurance makes pharmaceuticals available faster

According to studies, private health insurance promotes pharmaceuticals more than public health insurance - find out why everyone benefits in the end.

Family insurance income limit

Family insurance: Where is the income limit?

You can save costs with family insurance. Is your child or partner currently over the income limit?

Dentures: costs, types & options at a glance

Dental prostheses: costs, types & options at a glance

Dental prosthesis is a collective term for all artificially produced types of replacement for missing teeth. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages, costs and possibilities in this article.

age of entry health insurance

What influences the age of entry?

Here you can find out why your entry age plays a role when closing a contract with private health insurance.

supplementary dental insurance

Supplementary dental insurance? Yes or No?

If you’re asking yourself whether supplementary dental insurance would be a good idea, we’ve got a few ideas that could help you decide. We’ll tell you what costs you might face and what services you can expect.

annual treshold

Current income thresholds

As an employee, you are only eligible for private health insurance if your income exceeds a certain threshold. But just how much do you need to earn to access the private insurance system?


Deductibles in private health insurance

Excess, co-payment, and contribution – in health insurance, there’s lot of different ways to describe the concept of a deductible. What it exactly means for you and your wallet.

risk surcharge

Private health insurance risk surcharges

In order to avoid placing a disproportionate burden on the insurance collective, private health insurance providers use a risk surcharge. In this article, we’ll explain how it’s calculated and why it’s so important.

Private health insurance for families

Private health insurance for families

Whether you’re newly married or already expecting your first child, the health of your loved ones will be your top priority. Your choice of health insurance allows you to influence the healthcare services you would receive.

Hospitalization costs

Hospitalization: How much does it cost?

Many people are justifiably concerned about shortages of beds. But how much does a hospital stay actually cost? In this article, we’ll look at how much patients have to contribute towards the total costs.