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Moving abroad can be challenging. Let us make it easy for you: Get to know the German healthcare system and find out how you can make the most of your time as an expat in Germany.

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New to Germany and trying to find out how health insurance works? Having questions? Here are the answers.

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supplementary dental insurance

Supplementary dental insurance? Yes or No?

If you’re asking yourself whether supplementary dental insurance would be a good idea, we’ve got a few ideas that could help you decide. We’ll tell you what costs you might face and what services you can expect.

Private supplementary insurance

Private supplementary insurance

People with public health insurance can take out various supplementary insurance policies to top up the benefits of their public insurance. What are the benefits and how much does it cost?

annual treshold

Current income thresholds

As an employee, you are only eligible for private health insurance if your income exceeds a certain threshold. But just how much do you need to earn to access the private insurance system?


Deductibles in private health insurance

Excess, co-payment, and contribution – in health insurance, there’s lot of different ways to describe the concept of a deductible. What it exactly means for you and your wallet.

risk surcharge

Private health insurance risk surcharges

In order to avoid placing a disproportionate burden on the insurance collective, private health insurance providers use a risk surcharge. In this article, we’ll explain how it’s calculated and why it’s so important.

Private health insurance for families

Private health insurance for families

Whether you’re newly married or already expecting your first child, the health of your loved ones will be your top priority. Your choice of health insurance allows you to influence the healthcare services you would receive.

Hospitalization costs

Hospitalization: How much does it cost?

Many people are justifiably concerned about shortages of beds. But how much does a hospital stay actually cost? In this article, we’ll look at how much patients have to contribute towards the total costs.

Private health insurance for women

Private health insurance for women

As a women, you can benefit from private health insurance (private Krankenversicherung – PKV) every bit as much as men. In this article, we’ll look at what you can expect from private health insurance, and important things to bear in mind in relation to family planning.

5 pro tips to learn German easier

5 pro tips to learn German easier

Yep, German is not the most easiest language to learn: But here are 5 pro tips to make it a little bit easier.

Alter Mann

Premium relief at ottonova

For number crunchers and all those who want to make relaxed provisions for when they get older - the premium relief component explained in an understandable way

Health care system UK

Health care system UK vs. Germany: differences and limitations

Health care system UK vs. Germany: differences and limitations

Pkv for Expats

German Private Health Insurance for foreigners: Is it worth it?

You want to discover Germany? Find out which health insurance is suitable for your stay in Germany


What the Brexit means for policyholders

What will change as a result of Brexit for people with private health insurance, people moving to the UK and also for Britons who want to come to Germany or already live here?

Daily sickness allowance

Daily sickness allowance

The daily sickness allowance protects you financially in case of a longer illness. Why you definitely need it, you can find out here.

Blue Card for expats in Germany

EU Blue Card in Germany 2024

How to get the EU Blue Card in 2024: benefits, requirements, salary, application procedure and required documents. Find out now how you can move to Germany!

Getting a German residence permit | Expat Wiki ottonova

Getting a German residence permit

Obtaining a residence permit in Germany, whether temporary or permanent, means fulfilling certain criteria – including holding health insurance cover.

The German healthcare system | Expat Wiki ottonova

The German healthcare system | Expat Wiki ottonova

Moving to a new country can be complex. Our straightforward article gives an overview of the German healthcare system and the options open to expats.

Jobs in Germany

6 tips to find a job in Germany

If you’re on the hunt for jobs in Germany, there are a few tricks that can make your job search a little easier. Find out what you’ll need to land your dream job quicker.