Contacting a doctor on call via Telemedicine

If you need urgent medical assistance in Germany for a life-threatening condition or injury, you should always call 112. If the situation is not life-threatening but you still need urgent care and cannot wait until normal surgery opening hours, you should call 116 117 in order to reach a doctor on call.

Digital healthcare services & Telemedicine

Visiting a doctor on call might not always be possible or convenient for you. If this is the case, eHealth services – sometimes called e-doctors or telemedicine – are an excellent alternative. By speaking to a healthcare professional via a video call, you can obtain an initial diagnosis without leaving your home. What is more important, you avoid the risk of infection in doctors’ waiting rooms.

Digital Doc

As Germany’s first fully digital private health insurance provider, ottonova offers hassle-free access to a digital doc. Here’s how it works:

  1. Using the Concierge service in the ottonova app, request a video call with a doctor.
  2. We will send you a voucher code.
  3. Enter the code in eeDoctors, a partner app of ottonova.
  4. eeDoctors will connect you to a board-certified doctor who is available without waiting time.

Using your tablet or smartphone camera, the doctor will examine you visually and issue a prescription or sick note if appropriate. Of course, a digital consultation may not be enough to resolve your problem. However, following the outbreak of COVID-19, reducing the burden on face-to-face services and minimizing contact with others when you’re unwell is more important than ever.

Calling 116 117

If you need urgent out-of-hours medical care, you can call 116 117 from anywhere in Germany to reach the on-call medical service, which is called the Bereitschaftsdienst. An advisor will provide the details of a board-certified doctor on call near you and can arrange for a home visit if necessary.

This service is available to anyone with health insurance, whether private or public.


Of course! Through our ottonova Concierge Service we can book appointments for you. You just easily write us a message with your requirements, and we will find the best option for you.

As a private patient with ottonova you can go to any doctor of your choice. For dental treatments i.e implants or crowns (Zahnersatz) we provide a higher coverage if you choose a dentist from our ottonova network.

In private health insurance we do not offer a family tariff. However, you can insure family members with you as your dependents.

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