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What does private health insurance cost me in the long term and how does my health insurance contribution develop? Use our private health insurance calculator for free and without obligation and find out.

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Private health insurance tariff calculator

With our private health insurance vs. statutory/public health insurance calculator you can play through different scenarios for your potential private health insurance (private Krankenversicherung, short PKV).

Insure publicly or privately to meet your healthcare needs and financials?

The premiums of privat and public health insurance are calculated differently and the coverage differs. The monthly premiums in German public insurance depend on your income whereas the monthly rate in private health insurance is calculated by your entry age, your health conditions (medical history & pre-existing conditions) and the health insurance options and coverage you choose in your tariff.

So the private health insurance costs differ from the public system as well as from other private health insurance companies.

Our private health insurance calculator helps you in your decision and clearly compares the costs of the public health insurance with the costs of the premium of private healthcare coverage of a private health insurance plan and shows you clearly how much money you can save.

Our online calculator calculates for you whether a voluntary public health insurance is worthwhile for you or what employer subsidy private insured persons can expect.

The private health insurance calculator of ottonova is absolutely transparent and anonymous. As a basis for the calculation, the tool uses data that you can enter (e. g. occupational group and gender) and even offers recommendations for your contribution calculation so that you can see the cheapest private health insurance tariff based on your current occupational status. Of course you always have the choice to agree with us a non-binding offer as well as a free consultation.

Premium calculator for private health insurance

How much do you have to pay for private health insurance in Germany? Calculate your premium now!

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Contribution relief in old age
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Adjust your tariff in with the private health insurance calculator

The Private Health Insurance Calculator gives you the opportunity to know your private health insurance premium and personalize your private health insurance plan with our additional modules for contribution relief in old age and sick day allowance.

In the First Class tariff, we offer you the option to complete a top cover with hospital accommodation in a twin or a private room. Services such as treatment by chief physician, medical practitioner, dentures and dental treatments are included in all our tariffs.

Discharge of contributions

We have an answer to your most important question: Of course, contribution relief for private health insurance in old age is possible with us. Guaranteed. You can imagine it as a big savings pot, in which you put capital aside as a buffer for old age. Best of all for you as an employee, your employer contributes up to 50% of this additional savings.

Sickness allowance

If you fall ill as an employee, you are usually financially insured by your employer for 42 days. However, in order to bridge longer-term illnesses, it would be advisable to take out a daily sickness benefit insurance. Then we'll step in and make up for your lost income.

Hospital services

If your stay in a single room is not so important to you during your hospital stay, but you still want premium all-round protection for your health, we offer you the opportunity to complete our First Class tariff with the option of accommodation in a twin or multi-bed room and thus reduce your contribution.

Flexible deductible in the private health insurance calculator

Self-contribution means that you contribute to your health care costs. This will reduce your monthly contribution. And if everyone pays for something at their own expense, it will be cheaper for everyone. In our calculator for private health insurance you can of course also set different deductible models and observe how your PKV contribution changes.

The first private health insurance with money back guarantee*

As the only health insurance in the private health insurance system in Germany, ottonova offers you a money back guarantee. If you decide to switch to another private health insurance after two years, we will refund you 100% of your old age reserves. So that you also get the best possible contribution in your new insurance. With the other private health insurance companies you would lose a good part of you old-age reserves.

Affordable rates today, tomorrow as well.

Because reliability is as important to us as it is to you, we have created all the conditions to ensure that your contributions remain affordable into old age.

Built-in old-age provision

On average, 50% of your contributions are saved for old age to keep the premiums as stable as possible.  More than no other private German health insurance.

Future-proof calculation

All tariffs are designed for maximum contribution stability because they realistically reflect the currently low interest rate environment. Unique on the market. Convince yourself and use our private health insurance in Germany calculator.

Lean processes

State-of-the-art technology such as our tariff calculator and improved processes reduce administrative costs and enable us to continuously develop the ottonova world of tomorrow as a digital health insurance provider.

Smart contribution discharge

Lower your contributions in old age by simply saving a little more today. With our additional module for contribution relief, which you can select from the online section of the PKV computer.

ottonova for Expats.

You have so much to do when moving to Germany, don’t let your health insurance slow you down. Let ottonova make your life easier.

FAQ about private health insurance calculator

Contrary to public health insurance (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung, short GKV), contributions to private health insurance plans in Germany are calculated independently of income. The amount of contributions to private health insurance is determined by:

  • age at entry into private health insurance
  • the state of health
  • the services requested/tariff chosen.

In addition, pension provisions are included in the contribution, in order to keep your contributions stable even in old age.

The contributions of each insured person are thus calculated individually so that each person can cover his or her own health costs with his or her paid contributions. This is called the principle of equivalence.

In private health insurance, monthly contributions are calculated individually and depend on various factors, which is why flat-rate statements are difficult to make. The monthly cost of private health insurance varies from individual case to individual case. Two examples help to illustrate this:

A 32-year-old employ over 69,300 euros per year pays 294,64 euros per month for the Business Class tariff of ottonova.

In the case of the self-employed, the employer does not contribute, so they pay the full contribution themselves. For a self-employed person of the same age without previous illnesses, the monthly contribution in the Business Class tariff of ottonova is 604.11 euros.

  • The following can be insured under private health insurance:
  • Self-employed and freelancers (Exceptions may apply, for example, to artists. )
  • Officials and other persons entitled to the allowance
  • Employees with an income above the annual earnings limit
  • Students, if they are exempted from compulsory insurance under public health insurance

Insurance in private health insurance is not an obligation for anyone. However, it is worthwhile financially and in terms of performance for some people to insure themselves in private health insurance rather than in the statutory health insurance.

Especially people with a salary above the contribution threshold of 5,175.00 Euros per month, who pay the maximum contribution in the public health insurance, benefit from the financial advantage in the private health insurance. Civil servants also have many advantages in private health insurance. In most Länder, they are only entitled to benefit if they opt for private health insurance.

The employer's subsidy for private health insurance and private care insurance is paid to all employees who are voluntarily insured by statutory or private law. The employer pays part of the PKV contribution tax-free.

The amount depends on the contribution to private health insurance. However, it may not exceed 50 percent of the contribution and is at most half of the maximum employer contribution for legally insured persons. The subsidy for private health and long-term care insurance is based on the applicable contribution rates, such as the contribution assessment limit of the statutory health insurance.

The maximum subsidy for private health insurance (421.76 euros) plus for private care insurance (87.98 euros) is 509.74 euros.

Health insurances, we can't just increase premiums all the time. Contributions can be increased if actual health care costs generally differ by more than 5 per cent from what we have calculated. This can only happen because of inflation and rising medical costs.

However, this will never happen for individual persons, but for all insured persons at the same time. In particular, we are unable to increase your contributions because you are getting sick or older. Nor can we terminate your contract for these reasons. ottonova guarantees lifetime insurance coverage upon conclusion of the contract.

The legislator sets a minimum annual wage limit, the so-called annual wage limit. This is currently at €69,300 for employees. If you earn money on it, you can take out private insurance. If your income falls below that, you'll have to go back to the state insurance. The limit is raised annually. If you are no longer in the green zone as a result of such a measure, you can exempt yourself from compulsory insurance within 3 months and continue to remain in the PKV.

All private health insurers spend a large proportion of their contributions to increase the money for higher health costs in old age. The market is currently expecting an invoice interest rate of more than 2.5%. However, this does not correspond to the current interest rate situation at which one can invest money at the moment. As a result, once cheaper contributions will inevitably have to become more expensive in the future in order to compensate for these shortfalls.

ottonova expects an interest rate of 1.25%, which corresponds to the current capital market. Our contributions are therefore not much cheaper today, but they remain more stable because we are likely to be able to increase the money just as we calculated it.

Want to know more about it? Here you can find more on the subject.

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