Sample application for private health insurance

With a trial application for private health insurance, it is possible to submit a non-binding insurance application and find out whether the provider would insure you and at what premium. The following article explains what a trial application is exactly.

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sample application for private health insurance - short overview

  • If you have pre-existing conditions and would like to find out about insurance options and conditions, you can apply for a non-binding sample application.
  • can be handwritten or as PDF

What is a sample application for private health insurance?

Before a private health insurance company can calculate the final monthly premium for a potential insured person, it must complete a health check. This is because the individual risk of each and every insured person plays a major role in the premium calculation.

If you have pre-existing conditions and would like to know whether different insurance companies would insure you and under what conditions, you can submit a non-binding sample application to the shortlisted private health insurance companies.

How do I submit a sample application for private health insurance?

The regular private health insurance application is used for a sample application. This can be handwritten or marked as a sample application in the PDF.

A sample application is not binding for the insurer, as there is no final check (e.g. no credit check).

The advantage: If the PKV accepts the sample application, it can be converted into a regular application. For the customer, on the other hand, the sample application is non-binding - they can choose a private health insurance provider and do not have to reject the other providers individually.

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