Insurance provider

In the context of health insurance, the term “insurance provider” refers, quite simply, to any company that provides health insurance. In German, a company of this kind is known as a Krankenkasse or, colloquially, as a Kasse.

The term “insurance provider” is used to describe companies that offer insurance products and policies

The world of German health insurance is divided into public (statutory) and private health insurance systems. Each system includes a range of insurance providers offering different tariffs and different levels of cover.

There are currently around 110 public (statutory) health insurance providers in Germany as well as 45 private health insurance providers. It is up to you to find a provider and a tariff offering the most suitable cover for your needs and financial circumstances.

ottonova is a private insurance provider. In addition to our standard range of tariffs, we also offer a special tariff specifically tailored to expats’ needs and lifestyle.

Note: The word “provider” also appears in the term “healthcare provider”, which is used to describe an institution or person who administers treatment or care.

ottonova for Expats

Saving on health insurance and still getting the best coverage isn’t possible? With signing in for ottonova you can make it happen!

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The initial online enrollment is in German due to legal requirements. However, we are doing this together on the phone and we will of course help you through step by step. So no worries!

After your policy is finalized it will not be adjusted again based on the variables of aging, increases in health care needs or increases in salary.

The payment is different than in the public system. With private health insurance you pay the full tariff to us at the beginning of the month. If you are employed your employer will contribute their part to your health insurance through your salary.