Worldwide insurance

International travel is rarely stress free. However, international health insurance gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on what matters – whether that means delivering a killer presentation to a new client or catching some rays and well-deserved rest on the beach.

What to look for in international health insurance?

When taking out medical insurance for international travel, there are a few questions you should consider.

Key benefits of ottonova insurance

At ottonova, we believe your health should always be well protected – which is why our special health insurance tariffs for expats in Germany offer worldwide coverage as standard. Our policies include straightforward healthcare coverage at transparent rates. With our private health insurance cover, you benefit from:


With our tariffs you have world-wide travel coverage. The Expat Tariff covers you up to two months annually outside the EU and in our Premium Economy-, Business- or First Class Tariffs you will be covered up to six months annually outside the EU.

If you move away from Germany, you will not need German health insurance anymore.

We can help you write your cancellation letter for your current insurer and send it to you by email. You simply need to add your insurance number and signature and then send it to your insurer. We are unfortunately not allowed to contact your current insurer directly.

Of course! Through our ottonova Concierge Service we can book appointments for you. You just easily write us a message with your requirements, and we will find the best option for you.

Interested in private health insurance?

German health insurance made simple.

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