Insured event

Insured events are occurrences or circumstances that result in a claim covered by your insurance provider under the terms of your policy.

An insured event is any occurrence that results in an insurance provider paying out on a claim

An insured event is an occurrence that causes loss, damage or injury and is described in your insurance policy as being covered. The broader your scope of coverage, the more likely it is that a given event will be covered by your insurance provider. However, the more comprehensive your cover, the higher your premiums are likely to be.

The term “insured event” is sometimes used in the context of health insurance but is more common in personal injury and car insurance policies where cover needs to be defined for unusual, sudden or one-off occurrences.

What exactly constitutes an insured event is determined by the terms and conditions of a insurance policy. If you have further questions you can reach out to our english speaking Support.

ottonova for Expats

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At the moment we do not offer any money back if you don´t make usage of the insurance, as we want you to go and have your annual check-ups.

However, we offer reward points via our Health X program. Read more about Health X here.

You have the option to pay a little more today, to reduce your tariff cost when you are in retirement age. We recommend this optional insurance for everybody. If you choose a €100 monthly reduction from the age of 67, then your tariff will be €100 lower for you when you are 67 years old.

The long-term nursing care insurance 'Pflegepflichtversicherung' is a mandatory insurance for everyone who lives in Germany. This insurance will cover you if you require long-term care and need external help.

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