Long-term nursing care

Mandatory long-term nursing care insurance is set down in Book XI of the German Social Code (SGB XI), having been introduced by Helmut Kohl in 1995.

Long-term nursing care is domestic and residential care for people unable to care for themselves due to illness, injury or disability

Whether you opt for public or private health insurance in Germany, your health insurance premiums will also include long-term nursing care insurance (Pflegepflichtversicherung in German) as standard. This is because, like health insurance, it is a mandatory form of insurance for everyone living and working in Germany. 

This insurance covers a portion of the cost of domestic and residential care in the event that a person needs additional domestic assistance or care for a period of 6 months or more due to illness, injury or disability. If you want to have covered more you also have the possibility to make an additional care insurance (Pflegezusatzversicherung in German).

Long-term nursing care insurance contributions are calculated as a percentage of your income up to the premium assessment ceiling of €59,850. People with children can expect to contribute 3.05% of their income, while those without children pay a slightly higher rate of 3.3%.

It is important to note that contribution rates and the premium assessment ceiling are regularly reviewed and amended by the federal government. The last decade has seen a sharp increase in contribution rates and the assessment ceiling, with further increases expected in future to cover the cost of caring for an aging population.

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