Contribution rate

It might be logical to conclude that the higher your health insurance premiums, the higher the standard of care you receive. The reality, however, is often quite different – and there are numerous factors to consider before making a decision.

What will my health insurance premiums be?

Health insurance premiums are often also referred to as contributions (Beiträge) because the concept underpinning health insurance in Germany is based on solidarity. For all intents and purposes, premiums and contributions are coterminous in this context.

Working out what your health insurance premiums/contributions will be depends above all on which insurance system you choose. For eligibility conditions and other details of the two schemes, see our article on the public and private systems.

Contribution rates in the public health insurance (GKV) system

In public (statutory) health insurance, policyholders’ premiums are based on their income.

Contribution rates in the private health insurance (PKV) system

In private health insurance, policyholders’ premiums are contractually agreed.

Other important factors

While the points above provide a basic overview of the two systems, there are other crucial points to bear in mind.

In truth, the pros and cons of the two systems are too detailed to explain in a single Wiki article. To help you make the right decision for you, we’ve put together an eBook that sets things out in clear, concise terms.


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