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At ottonova you can expect simply the right plan. All tariffs are transparent and detailed. The choice is easy if you only want the best.

  • Top price/performance ratio Pay low premiums for maximum protection

  • Quick & digital Control everything paperless & convenient via app

  • With money-back guarantee Try us for 2 years without financial risk

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7 easy steps to ottonova. 100% digital.

And it's as simple as this:

  1. make an appointment & have a consultation
  2. submit application via premium calculator
  3. answer health questions
  4. check and conclude insurance contract
  5. cancel your current insurance
  6. activate account in your app: all documents at a glance
  7. enjoy all the benefits of your new digital health insurance policy

Frequently asked questions

ottonova offers comprehensive private health insurance for employees, self-employed and students, as well as supplementary insurance for persons eligible for benefits called "Beihilfe". We also offer supplementary insurance for anyone who prefers or is obliged to stay insured by public health insurance.

Feel free to book a non-binding consultation and we will be happy to advise you personally.

In Germany, you are not allowed to hold two health insurance policies at the same time. Therefore, you will need to cancel your current health insurance once you've signed a policy with ottonova. Your new ottonova health insurance coverage starts as soon as your old policy expires. We can also help you with the cancellation of your old contract.

ottonova was founded in 2015 by Dr. Roman Rittweger (physician & MBA holder), Sebastian Scheerer (designer), and Frank Birzle (computer scientist). Even though they all come from different backgrounds, they share a common vision: To create health insurance that sets new standards.

It's not something that can just be done by old-school insurance salespeople. That is why ottonova employs not only insurance experts and mathematicians, but also programmers, physicians, and designers. It is precisely this exceptional team that creates the fertile ground for our innovative strength. Together, we pursue our vision and come up with fresh, exciting ideas. It really is a blast!

Yet despite all our enthusiasm, we never lose the ground underneath our feet. Our insurance is rock solid. This is guaranteed by our employees' long-standing experience. They are all experts in their respective fields, including in the field of insurance.

We are a young company and we know our craft. See for yourself and calculate your premium without obligation.

Do you fancy your health insurance at the moment? No? Just imagine living in a world where your health insurance is as much a part of you as your smartphone. And just as easy to use.

If you're sick, you can get an initial assessment in seconds via chat. If necessary, the concierge will arrange a doctor's appointment, which will appear in your app's timeline. You scan the bill with your cell phone and have your money in your account within two days - prepayment is usually no longer necessary. Or you can simply go to the doctor's appointment digitally via videostream, with ottonova covering the costs. That's unique.

Our comprehensive insurance plans provide you with excellent coverage. The premiums are not surprisingly low, but they remain more stable when you get old. We are the health insurance that makes being insured easy and pleasant for you. Best medical services at the best price.

Instead of a tariff jungle, we only have a few tariffs. It's easy to find out online which option is right for you. Look at our tariff pages and receive an honest recommendation from us. Of course, you can also get personal advise.

No one can answer this question reliably. But we have laid good foundations for a high level of premium stability, for example by the way we calculate our premiums. Save costs with ottonova: Find out how we do it here.

Medical inflation has been increasing the cost of patient treatment for decades. Almost all healthcare systems have this problem. By choosing private health insurance, you have already made a good decision. Your benefits are guaranteed from the start. The public health insurance can simply cancel benefits to mitigate premium increases.

In retrospect, premiums have risen by an average of 2.8% over the past 10 years in private health insurance. This is even slightly lower than the figure for public health insurance, which averaged 3.3%. More on the topic? Visit our expat guide.

Switching to ottonova private health insurance is very easy. But don't worry, you can't accidentally switch with just one click. You also have a 14-day right of withdrawal.

  1. Get a consultation: We help you choose the right rate with the right components.
  2. Account: Create an account to get a personalized offer.
  3. Information: Share some personal information with us and answer questions about your health. This will take a maximum of 10 minutes.
  4. Confirmation: Review and confirm your information in the overview.
  5. Review: Our application team will contact you with any questions about your health information. (Maybe you need to do a medical check-up.)
  6. Offer: Receive and confirm our final offer.
  7. Account details: Enter your account details and download some documents.
  8. PIN entry: Request a one-time pin and complete your desired coverage with one click.

ottonova offers rates made just for you. Check out our private health insurance tariffs.

Knowledge is power.

A change should be well considered. Our aim is therefore to provide you with the most important information to help you make the right decision.

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