Is private health insurance the right choice for your personal situation?

We want to help you in the best possible way to make an informed decision, when it comes to choosing your health insurance. Depending on where you are in life right now, you might have different needs regarding your health insurance. We outlined the most common scenarios, in which you might need guidance deciding if private health insurance is worth it for you or not.

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Private health insurance for employees.

Whether you’re new to the world of work or a veteran with years of experience in your role, private health insurance offers numerous benefits for employees.

However, it is important to remember that not all employees are free to choose between private and public health insurance. There's an annual income threshold of 64,350 € and only employees earning more than that, are able to go with private health insurance.

Compared to public health insurance, private insurance offers better coverage and premiums depend on your age, health status and chosen level of coverage - not your income. Meaning you can save quite some money, as a high-income earner, compared to the maximum premium you would have to pay with public health insurance.

Why private health insurance is worth it for employees:

  • extensive benefits
  • flexibility through choice of tariffs and ability to influence premiums
  • high level of reimbursement for dental prosthetics
  • costs covered for natural health practitioners, glasses, treatments by a chief physicial and more
  • shorter waiting times to see a doctor
  • benefits guaranteed for a lifetime
  • high savings potential
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Private health insurance for self-employed.

Health insurance is mandatory for everyone living and working in Germany. If you’re self-employed, you’re responsible for making your own decisions in many areas of your life - and also enjoy greater freedom than employees when it comes to health insurance. This is because you’re free to choose between the public and private insurance system.

4 points to help you decide if private or public health insurance is the right choice for you:

  1. private health insurance protects you: if you get sick and cannot work, you will have to make up for this yourself. Find out how your insurance provider can support you. In the private health insurance system, you determine when you start receiving daily sickness allowance and how much. By contrast, the public system has fixed upper limits on sickness benefits.
  2. private health insurance helps you provide for your future: Your future is in your hands. So, why wouldn’t you choose a future-proof health insurance policy? Demographic change is driving up public health insurance premiums. In the private system, however, you provide for later in life, such as through premium relief components. You can invest what you save by choosing private rather than public insurance and invest it in financial markets. This helps you to prepare for old age.
    Private health insurance premiums are also tax-deductible for self-employed people, so include your premiums in your annual tax returns.
  3. private health insurance allows you to set your own priorities: Don’t want to risk an illness draining your dynamism? Private health insurance offers unparalleled services, such as high-quality dental services, natural health practitioners, screenings, and more besides. In contrast to public health insurance, there is no risk of your benefits being curtailed in the private system.
  4. private health insurance adapts to your life plans: If your business is growing more modestly and you plan to have a large family, public health insurance might be the better choice. However, if you plan to focus on your career to begin with and have a smaller family further down the line, private insurance is ideal for you. It also protects you if you’re not tied down to a specific location and would like to live abroad. Insurance from ottonova provides Europe-wide cover with no time limits – and even worldwide for six-month periods.
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Private health insurance for families.

Whether you already have children or are expecting your first child, the health of your loved ones will be your top priority. Your choice of health insurance allows you to influence the healthcare services you would receive if the worst were to happen.

What benefits can children access with private health insurance?

Privately insured children can access exactly the same benefits as their parents. Here's a selection:

  • They will be seen quickly by specialist doctors and always receive the best treatment. At ottonova, you can even speak to a doctor whenever you need via video call – even in the evenings or on the weekend.
  • Need medication? We’ll reimburse you for all prescriptions.
  • If you’d rather turn to naturopathic treatments, private health insurance is the best choice.
  • Your child needs to stay in hospital? Private insurance makes this exceptional situation far easier and less stressful, as many private tariffs include free rooming-in, allowing you to stay at your child’s side.
  • Parents always want to do everything right – and double check whenever they’re unsure. The private insurance system allows you to get a second opinion free of charge.
  • Straight teeth and clear vision are part and parcel of private health insurance, which provides co-payments vor vision aids and also covers 100% of the costs of orthodontics.

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Private health insurance for students.

Going to university is a big step in your future life - and the ideal time to start thinking about your health insurance. Because the sooner you make a decision, the better. Before you start studying you can choose between private and public health insurance - an advantage many employees don't have, so you should use it.

You can apply for private health insurance at the beginning of your studies - the deadline is three months after enrollment - or you can change when your family insurance ends. The decision for private health insuance is then valid for the entire study period.

For most students, though, private health insurance is not the common choice. However, if you still want to protect yourself and save money in the future, think about closing your insurance gaps with supplementary insurances - like hospitalization or dental insurance.

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Supplementary insurances to close your insurance gaps.

No matter what situation you're in, if you decide to stay or go with public health insurance, there's also a way you can access private healthcare services and get better coverage: supplemental insurance policies for dental care and hospitalization.

They allow you to top up benefits of your public health insurance, but you'll have to pay extra for them. These services and benefits would already be included in your private health insurance policy.

Supplementary dental insurance

The benefits of a supplementary dental insurance go far beyond public insurance coverage and offer more comfort, aesthetics and savings potential in the future.

4 reasons why dental top up insurance just makes sense:

  1. aesthetic dentures - up to 100% cost coverage for the highest quality dentures
  2. protect your smile with professional dental cleanings - without waiting time with ottonova
  3. orthodontic treatments for children and adults
  4. protection against high costs in the future - insure yourself now and save later

Find out more about supplementary dental insurance and calculate your premium quick and easy.

Supplemenentary hospitalization insurance

Public health insurance provides only limited coverage for hospital treatments. Supplementary hospitalization insurance covers the costs of extras and is worthwile for you if you want to be well taken care of during a hospital stay.

What exactly does supplementary hospitalization insurance cover?

  • treatment by a specialist or chief physician
  • private or semi-private room in hospital
  • option for parents to stay in hospital overnight if their child undergoes treatment
  • free choice of hospital
  • certain alternative, naturopathic treatments

Learn more about supplementary hospitalization insurance and find out how much your premium would be.

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All outpatient doctors
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Worldwide coverage
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