Aging reserves

If you take out a standard policy with a private health insurance provider in Germany, your premiums will include aging reserves also called old-age provisions (Altersrückstellungen).

Aging reserves are savings put away for later in life by policyholders in the private health insurance (PKV) system

Please note that old-age provisions are only accrued as part of private health insurance policies. People in Germany with public health insurance pay old-age pension contributions as part of their premiums instead.

The younger you are when you enter the private health insurance system, the lower your premiums will be. One reason for this is that it enables you to start putting aside aging reserves earlier in life, rather than having to pay more to make up ground later on.

Aging reserve accrue interest over time. That can be used to help bring down premiums in later life, thereby counteracting the rising cost of health insurance.

are exempt from the obligation to put aside old-age provisions in the private health insurance system for up to five years. This is part of the reason we are able to offer a special Expat tariff at ottonova.

If you leave Germany indefinitely after putting aside old-age provisions you will not be able to withdraw this money and it will be retained by the insurance collective.

However if you leave Germany with the intention of returning at a later date, you should ask your insurance provider to freeze your contract, which should enable you to retain your provisions.


We are happy to schedule a call to find out your personal needs and provide you with an initial quote. We will then help you and guide you through our online enrollment.

In the next step you will speak with our medical underwriters regarding health topics and your financial situation. If you have already been insured in Germany for the last three years, we will then provide you with your finalized offer. Otherwise we will organize a medical check-up for you.

We work with a company called Medicals Direct that will send a private (English-speaking) nurse to come meet you at your preferred location. They will do a general check up and take a blood sample.

At the moment we do not offer any money back if you don´t make usage of the insurance, as we want you to go and have your annual check-ups.

However, we offer reward points via our Health X program. Read more about Health X here.

The long-term nursing care insurance 'Pflegepflichtversicherung' is a mandatory insurance for everyone who lives in Germany. This insurance will cover you if you require long-term care and need external help.

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