Incapacity for work

A person is deemed incapable of working if they are unable to perform their usual professional duties due to a physical or psychological impairment.

Incapacity for work describes a state in which a person is physically or psychologically unable to carry out their job

At this point, it is important to note the distinction the German health insurance system draws between different types of unfitness for work.

Incapacity for work (Arbeitsunfähigkeit) is the less severe form. It describes a temporary state from which the person in question is expected to make a full recovery in time. A doctor’s report is required to determine incapacity for work.

The more severe form of unfitness for work is permanent occupational disability (Berufsunfähigkeit). In this case, the person cannot reasonably be expected to resume at least 50% of their usual work duties within 6 months and may ultimately never fully recover.

Employees must immediately inform their employer if they are ill, injured or otherwise unable to work. 


The process to get your finalized contract typically takes from an hour to 14 days. It depends on the individual case. You first have to submit an application for a tariff (including answers regarding your health status). After we checked your application you will receive your final contract.

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  • Expat tariff: 75% reimbursement pers session
  • Premium Economy tariff: 75% for a maximum of 50 sessions
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  • First Class tariff: 90% reimbursement per session for session 1-50, and 75% reimbursement after session 50

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