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German Health Insurance. Made Simple. Human. Better.

From finding the right insurance and signing up, to scheduling appointments and figuring out the reimbursement process – we've made it super simple for expats like you. We even offer special rates. Learn more below.

First things first.

Everyone in Germany needs health insurance. If you are self-employed or earn more than 60,750 € per year, you're eligible for private health insurance.

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I need to understand what’s going on – it’s my health and I want to feel secure in it. With my previous health insurance, I didn’t know how any of it worked.

KT Flood US Expat insured with ottonova

We’ve got you covered.

If you are eligible for private health insurance, choose between our Business Class and First Class tariff. If you need to go public, you can extend your limited coverage with our Premium Dental tariff.

Full – Expat
Expat Full Insurance
Expat Savings Example:

25 y/o - 150 € instead of 244 €

30 y/o - 157 € instead of 274 €

Similar to our First Class plan and available for non - EU expats only who plan to stay up to 5 years and earn more than 60,750 € / year.

Business Class Full Insurance
First Class Full Insurance

Our full coverage for EU citizens, and non - EU citizens who stay longer than 5 years and earn more than 60,750 € / year.

Zahn Premium Tooth Top-Up
coming soon
Klinik Hospital Top-Up

Complement your public insurance with our top-up plans to extend your coverage and avoid having to pay huge bills.

Pay less, get more.

You can save a lot of money if you go with private health insurance, and still get much better coverage compared to public health insurance.

  • 25 y/o
  • 30 y/o
  • 35 y/o
  • 40 y/o
Public insurance
  • 424 €
  • 424 €
  • 424 €
  • 424 €
  • 25 y/o
  • 30 y/o
  • 35 y/o
  • 40 y/o
ottonova First Class
  • 244 €
  • 274 €
  • 306 €
  • 341 €
  • 25 y/o
  • 30 y/o
  • 35 y/o
  • 40 y/o
ottonova Expat
  • 150 €
  • 157 €
  • 168 €
  • 179 €
Note: Premiums were estimated including a daily sickness allowance of 100 € and statutory care insurance. For employed expats, the employer contribution is reflected in above pricing.
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German health insurance without the headache.

Health insurance jargon in a foreign language - lost in translation? Meet the new digital health insurance, built to make your life easier. Manage your health in a single app, with 24/7 English customer support, so you can focus on the important things in life.

Your support team in your pocket.

Understanding the German healthcare system isn't easy. We know – 20% of our employees are expats too. With our app, you'll have access to our Concierge Team 24/7, and so much more.

Digital Doctor's Visit.

Struggling to find doctors that speak English? Just use our app for a video call and receive a diagnosis, treatment plans, and even sick notes for work.


Personal Concierge.

Whatever question you might have, the Concierge is there to help. We can also organize your doctor's appointments and guide you through the healthcare system.


Your health, at a glance.

In the Timeline, you'll see a chronological overview of all significant interactions with ottonova as well as reminders for your upcoming appointments. Keep an eye on your health - wherever you are.

Dentist Card
Call Card
Vacation Card

Say goodbye to paperwork.

Doctor's invoices, sick notes, or contracts - all of your important health documents can be saved and stored in the ottonova app.


Meet your English speaking support team.

Our friendly teammates will help you navigate the German insurance system, arrange your appointments with doctors who speak your language, and answer all of your insurance and health related questions.

Stefan Concierge Team
Max Sales Support
Felix Underwriter
Maggie Expat in Residence


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How can I sign up?

To help you with our online sign-up process, we'll set up an appointment to chat on the phone. We can answer any questions you might have, and guide you through the steps, one at a time. Just click on "Get a Quote" below to get started! 

What happens if I leave?

You're free to go! No wiggling out of a tricky contract, no matter which tariff you choose. If you leave Germany sooner, simply contact us and attach your deregistration form from the German Immigration Office - an AbmeldungsbescheinigungWe'll close your contract and wish you the best of luck on your journey. Promise!

Which tariff should I choose?

We have two full-insurance options at ottonova. Both are solid and built to last. If you plan on staying in Germany for longer than 5 years, you can choose between Business Class and First Class. We can recommend you the best option for your needs! 

If your stay in Germany will be less than 5 years – or you're not sure how long you'll be here - we also offer a special Expat tariff, which provides premium coverage to keep you healthy and happy throughout your stay in Germany. For a full overview of the services offered in our Expat tariff, click here

If you're insured with a provider from the public system, we can offer you more extensive coverage with our Dental Top-Up insurance, or our Hospital Top-Up insurance.

Why is the Expat tariff cheaper?

Normally, private insurance plans help you to save for your future - you'll pay more now, so that your premiums don't rise later. But if you're only planning on staying in Germany for a short time - less than 60 months - then there's no need to set this extra money aside.

Why is the Expat tariff only available for non-EU expats?

The laws in Germany only allow residents with a limited residency permit to sign up for expat plans. Unfortunately, this means we can only offer this special tariff to expats from outside of the EU.

We made health insurance simple for you.

Why make it more complicated than necessary? Let’s talk and we’ll find the best plan and quote for your needs in no time.