Excluded services

Most insurers will decline to include certain conditions and treatments in their insurance policies.

Excluded services are treatments or services explicitly not covered by your insurance provider

When you take out health insurance, it is important that you consider which treatments and services you want and need to be included in your scope of coverage. Insurance providers may choose to exclude pre-existing conditions or chronic illnesses they deem too risky to cover.

In Germany, you must choose between the public and private health insurance systems. 

The scope of coverage offered by public (statutory) health insurance providers generally follows the minimum requirements set down by law. In the public insurance system, if you want cover for a service excluded from your main health insurance policy, you need to take out a top-up insurance policy.

In the private insurance system, excluded services can sometimes be included within your scope of coverage in return for higher premiums. This is a matter of negotiation and is at the discretion of your insurance provider.


Do you cover psychotherapy?

We reimburse psychotherapy with no yearly session limit, contrary to most other insurance providers.

Expat tariff: 75% reimbursement pers session

Premium Economy tariff: 75% for a maximum of 50 sessions

Business Class tariff: 90% reimbursement per session for session 1-25 and after that 75% reimbursement per session

First Class tariff: 90% reimbursement per session for session 1-50, and 75% reimbursement after session 50

How can I cancel my current insurance? How is the process?

We can help you write your cancellation letter for your current insurer and send it to you by email. You simply need to add your insurance number and signature and then send it to your insurer. We are unfortunately not allowed to contact your current insurer directly. 

Am I eligible for the Expat Tariff/ PKV tariff? Am I an expat in your definition?

If you are eligible for private health insurance and you are in Germany on a visa or a limited permit, we can offer you the Expat Tariff up to five years.

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