Your deductible has an impact on your premiums and needs to be suitable for your financial situation.

A deductible is usually a fixed amount paid for covered services in a given year before your insurance kicks in

A deductible is usually a fixed maximum amount you agree to pay for covered services before your health insurance kicks in to cover the majority or entirety of the cost.

As a general rule, the higher your annual deductible, the lower your monthly premiums, and vice versa. Employees in Germany usually choose a low deductible because employers contribute half of an employees’ health insurance premiums – but do not contribute towards deductibles. Self-employed people often choose higher deductibles in return for lower premiums.

At ottonova, we do things a little differently. We calculate deductibles as a percentage of medical bills up to an annual maximum – meaning you only pay a small amount per bill and do not have to pay a high deductible before you receive coverage. We also give you a choice of deductibles so you can tailor your health insurance to your needs and circumstances.


How is the payment working? Different than public insurance?

The payment is different than in the public system. With private health insurance you pay the full tariff to us at the beginning of the month. If you are employed your employer will contribute their part to your health insurance through your salary.

Does the premium increase when I´m getting older or sick

After your policy is finalized it will not be adjusted again based on the variables of aging, increases in health care needs or increases in salary. 

Why is the enrollment in German?

The initial online enrollment is in German due to legal requirements. However, we are doing this together on the phone and we will of course help you through step by step. So no worries! 

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