The ottonova money-back guarantee

How do you find out whether private health insurance is worthwhile for you? We'll explain it to you in a personal conversation and show you how you can test ottonova for two years without financial risk.

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The ottonova satisfaction guarantee.

ottonova is the only health insurance fund in Germany to offer a satisfaction guarantee. You can test your new health insurance for two years without any financial risk.


Simply subscribe to your policy with ottonova.


Test our coverage and services.


If you cancel, we will pass on your full old-age provisions.

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The ottonova satisfaction guarantee.

Try ottonova now without any financial risk.

Unique in Germany - if you decide to switch to another private health insurance policy after two years, we will return 100% of your old-age provisions to you. You will thus have a chance to receive the best possible premium from your new insurance provider.

Private health insurance companies build up provisions to keep the price stable when policyholders get older. If you change insurance, you can only take a small part of these provisions with you to your new insurance provider. In the meantime, billions are "blocked" in old-age provisions in Germany.

Personal advise that really helps you.

We give everything to enable you to make an informed conscious decision that you will benefit from for a lifetime.


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„Sensational! From the first consultation to the concierge service, everything is great here! So far, the response times are unbelievable! Thank you, best decision to switch to you!“

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Convince yourself of ottonova without taking a financial risk.


A valid question. At ottonova you will find many aspects that make typical start-ups so attractive: We are passionate about our ideas and want to initiate change. We are innovative, agile and different. So why not cheaper than the established players?

Our tariffs are quite competitive, but may not be as cheap as you would expect from a young company. There are mutliple reasons for this. On the one hand, we operate in the same insurance market as the established insurers. The same conditions apply to us. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) strictly controls whether we meet the expected quality standards. It is therefore impossible and also not useful to bring a cheap "start-up variant" to health insurance on the market.

On the other hand, we want to guarantee the most stable contributions for you. If we were to lure with extremely low tariffs at the beginning, that would simply not be fair. Because these could not be sustained in the long run: the result would be a significant premium increase. As a digital company, we save a lot of costs. Our lean structure and automated processes contribute to this. But with health insurance, that's only half the battle. The current interest rate also plays a role. We have calculated our premiums with a discount rate of 1.25%. This is not particularly risk-taking, but it is realistic. The result is a future-proof tariff that will accompany you throughout your life.

Convince yourself with our savings calculator.

Many private health insurers offer so-called "cheap tariffs", which are particularly attractive at a young age. They do not cost much and you are still healthy and fit. Such prices are made possible by significantly limited services. It is not clear to everyone what they are getting into with such a tariff. Often, private cheap tariffs do not even come close to the performance level of the statutory health insurance companies. In the event of a claim, the surprise is great when the insurance company indicates high deductibles or maximum reimbursement amounts in the contract. Switching to a better tariff usually requires a new risk assessment and is therefore often not possible.

With ottonova you can choose between four tariffs for full insurance, with each one you choose excellent insurance cover. This includes a percentage deductible and comprehensive coverage in all relevant areas, such as remedies and aids, cure and rehab, preventive care and acute treatment. With all of our ottonova full and supplementary insurances, you have the good feeling that you are well covered all round.

Our founder Roman is a doctor. As such, it quickly became clear to him that ottonova would only offer tariffs that provide our customers with excellent coverage.

The Business Class and First Class tariffs were rated “excellent” by the leading independent rating agency for insurance products ASSEKURATA. This means that every medically sensible treatment is covered to a generous extent. If you would like to know the services in detail, please have a look here.