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Around 200,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with skin cancer each year, making it the country’s most common form of cancer. In June 2008, Germany introduced the world’s first nationwide skin cancer screening program in a bid to avoid preventable deaths.

Skin cancer screening is a universal right in Germany

Everyone aged 35 and over in Germany is entitled to free skin cancer screening once every two years – including expats studying and working in Germany. The cost is covered by health insurance, whether public or private.

The skin cancer screening is a visual check for three types of cancer:

What does a skin check involve?

Screening is a preventive service designed to catch cancer at an early stage – the earlier it is caught, the greater the chance of a full recovery.

Your skin check with a dermatologist will include:

  1. A medical history to identify any background or lifestyle risk factors, such as family members with cancer or severe sunburn during childhood.
  2. A full-body exam, including the hair-covered parts of your body. You will need to undress fully and should avoid wearing jewelry or make-up on the day.
  3. Advice on further investigation if required, which may involve a referral for a second opinion or biopsy.
  4. Documentation sent direct to your insurance provider.

Will my insurance cover the full cost?

For a basic skin check, yes.

However, this visual check can never provide a 100% guarantee. More accurate techniques, such as light microscopy, offer between 20x and 70x magnification but are not covered by statutory health insurance. In most cases, private health insurance will cover the cost of those if they are justified by suspicious indications. You should always check with your insurer first.

At ottonova, we have gone one step further and removed age restrictions for skin cancer screening. We also cover in-depth examination of suspicious spots and skin changes, including a biopsy where necessary. Check out our private health insurance tariffs now!


If you are eligible for private health insurance and you are in Germany on a visa or a limited permit, we can offer you the Expat Tariff up to five years.

The process to get your finalized contract typically takes from an hour to 14 days. It depends on the individual case. You first have to submit an application for a tariff (including answers regarding your health status). After we checked your application you will receive your final contract.

If you have questions, feel free to book a non-binding consultation. Our sales team is happy to assist you during that process.

ottonova is fully regulated by the BaFin and therefore fulfilling the requirements (§ 257 7Abs. 2a Satz 1 SGB V and the § 61 Abs. 5 SGB XI) for you to be able to apply for a visa with your ottonova insurance, which also includes our Expat tariff of course.

Of course! Through our ottonova Concierge Service we can book appointments for you. You just easily write us a message with your requirements, and we will find the best option for you.

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