Whatever the underlying cause, the inability to conceive a child often causes a great deal of frustration and distress.

Infertility is an inability to conceive after 12 months of regular sexual intercourse

Some people get pregnant very quickly, while others have to try for longer before they conceive. Although the vast majority of couples who have regular, unprotected sexual intercourse get pregnant within a year, it is estimated that around 1 in 7 couples has difficulty conceiving.

It is important to draw a distinction between infertility and sterility. Infertility means that a person is able to conceive but finds it more difficult; sterility means that a person cannot conceive despite medical treatment or operations.
Infertility has a variety of possible causes, including:

• psychological stress
• use of alcohol, nicotine or drugs
• low sperm quality or low sperm production (in men)
• being significantly underweight or overweight, and
• hormonal imbalances

It is often possible to remedy infertility, either through medical treatment or by making lifestyle changes to eliminate the cause. However, it is crucial that a specialist doctor examines the couple to determine the reasons for the infertility.

At ottonova, when you opt for either our Business Class or First Class tariff, we cover up to €3,000 of fertility treatments during the first 36 months of your policy, with no upper limit thereafter. We do not cover fertility treatments in our other tariffs, including our Expat tariff.


If you are eligible for private health insurance and you are in Germany on a visa or a limited permit, we can offer you the Expat Tariff up to five years.

The process to get your finalized contract typically takes from an hour to 14 days. It depends on the individual case. You first have to submit an application for a tariff (including answers regarding your health status). After we checked your application you will receive your final contract.

If you have questions, feel free to book a non-binding consultation. Our sales team is happy to assist you during that process.

We reimburse psychotherapy with no yearly session limit, contrary to most other insurance providers.

  • Expat tariff: 75% reimbursement pers session
  • Premium Economy tariff: 75% for a maximum of 50 sessions
  • Business Class tariff: 90% reimbursement per session for session 1-25 and after that 75% reimbursement per session
  • First Class tariff: 90% reimbursement per session for session 1-50, and 75% reimbursement after session 50

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