Insurance card

Once you select a health insurance provider and tariff and pass any medical examinations required, you will likely receive an insurance card other or another form of ID. This ID card contains information about you and your insurance and enables healthcare providers to bill correctly for their services.

Public health insurance: The Electronic Health Card

In 2015, the German government introduced the Electronic Health Card (elektronische Gesundheitskarte, or eGK for short) for everyone with public (statutory) health insurance.

It features information about you to confirm your identity and information that allows doctors to treat you and bill for your treatment appropriately. Each card includes:

Two cards in one: eGK and EHIC

The reverse of the eGK is used for the European Health Insurance Card, more commonly known as an EHIC (German: Europäische Krankenversicherungskarte). This allows people insured in the German public insurance system to enjoy free healthcare coverage in EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

In many countries, the EHIC is a separate card, but the modern German system combines two cards in one.

Private health insurance: PKV cards

People with private health insurance in Germany usually receive a card directly from their insurance provider. Each card usually carries the name of the insurance company – so, for example, if you were insured with a fictional insurance provider called AB123, you would receive an AB123 card.

Not all private insurance providers issue insurance cards. Unlike in the public insurance system, cards are not mandatory in the private system. However, because they contain information about you and your insurance cover, they are certainly useful and help to simplify payments to doctors, hospitals and pharmacies.


With our tariffs you have world-wide travel coverage. The Expat Tariff covers you up to two months annually outside the EU and in our Premium Economy-, Business- or First Class Tariffs you will be covered up to six months annually outside the EU.

If you move away from Germany, you will not need German health insurance anymore.

The payment is different than in the public system. With private health insurance you pay the full tariff to us at the beginning of the month. If you are employed your employer will contribute their part to your health insurance through your salary.

We can help you write your cancellation letter for your current insurer and send it to you by email. You simply need to add your insurance number and signature and then send it to your insurer. We are unfortunately not allowed to contact your current insurer directly.

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